10 Countries That Don’t Want You To Visit

Tourism can be an economic gold mine when approached properly, and most countries around the world have embraced visitors with open arms. However, there are several places across the globe who decided that they were better without the masses of newcomers: here are 10 countries that have closed their doors to Americans and many other nations around the world.

1) Saudi Arabia

requires all visitors to be sponsored by a legal resident or citizen. Even if you’re sponsored properly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll then be awarded a visa as the application process is highly selective.


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98 thoughts on “10 Countries That Don’t Want You To Visit”

  1. Add Thailand to your list.
    They love tourist revenue but discriminate against visitors.
    The police target tourists.
    Entrance fees to National Parks, zoos etc are more than doubled for visitors.
    Taxi drivers are well known for ‘ripping off’ tourists.
    And the Tourism Authority of Thailand has been selling a lie about Thailand for decades.
    Try Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam or even Myanmar instead.

      1. None of these countries is good to go. let them stay alone and never bother traveling to another man country for any reason…. One love for the rest country thats allow each other to visit. traveling is part of education and many more good experience..

    1. You are right, David. Thailand is not good place to visit if we take bad experiences in the country from all over the world into consideration. However, I have another country that should be added to the list – the Philippine. Be warned of taxi drivers, mobile prostitutes and even security guards/police officers. You foreigners could robbed easily if you take no special attention and high alert. Please also be careful about hotel staffs. Beautiful girls does not mean beautiful mind! Take my words, guys!

    2. David, you’re out to lunch on Thailand, many countries rightly charge tourists extra for entrance to National parks museums etc, you only get ripped off by taxi drivers if you’re naive and don’t ask around for the best price.
      Sharris, you’re 100% correct the US should be at the top of the list with Canada not far behind, especially for visitors from Latin America.
      The Cuba info is complete BS as they welcome tourists. It’s the US that doesn’t want its citizens to visit Cuba!

      1. Thank you for correcting the bullshit about Cuba not wanting visitors. Those nations requiring tours are not saying they don’t want you either. This article needs a follow up: 10 nations the US does not want you to visit. And ask the Mexicans, Venezeuelans, Syrians, etc. which country doesn’t want them.

        My travel fantasy is to visit all countries demonized by the US, from Venezuela to North Korea. The way to get to Cuba is to fly to Cancun and then hop over. They love American tourists! Iranians love Am3rican people (not the government). Most demonized nations have the wisdom to distinguish American tourists from the government, which does not legitimately represent them.

        Trump says American tourists to Cuba hurt the Cuban people. Total bullshit!

    3. Sorry that you don’t like the Kingdom, though there is some extra charge here for being a tourist, like many countries. You know that all foreigners are filthy rich, that is the thinking by many people in other countries, of course it’s not true, but in many places the cost of a airplane flight to get there is a very big sum for the locals. I hate to hear anyone bad mouth Thailand, to bad that they rush in here thinking they would be treated as someone special, tourists have been coming here for a long long time, the sight of a foreigner here is nothing special. Sorry you don’t like the Kingdom, stat home.

    4. David obviously you have not travel out of your small town but is the same in many countries in the world including USA, England, Australia and many many more developed and undeveloped countries so your statement is very predigest to Thailand and is not fair for you to talk like that while is the same in many other countries …. Thailand is for Thai people we are are visitors and we enjoy the country site the cheap hotels and cheap food and transport but you should go for a visit to LA or Miami or London O Madrid for you to compare and learn before you talk like that about any country ….. please keep yourself in your little town and do not go anywhere is better for you.

      Read, Lean and compare before you express yourself in such terrible and uneducated manner ….. Take my advice …do not travel anywhere – stay in your small town they like you there and you are happy …

      1. People like Cesar are really out of context, out of reality, talking just to talk, the post of 10 countries people (what people )should not visit is BS, why, because USA is in the war with them (bullet flying /cold war or just political difference )few years ago I was visiting France, Germany, the only people who are wilingly communicate with me on english were on airport, car rentals, asking the ordinary people for info, answer was “no speaking english “which is a lie, 80 % of people in Europe speak more than one language, the point is, to find shit no need to go to neighbors toilet, check yours, the problem is that we are not behaving correctly, and results are negative impact on the country we visited, they’re bad, not us ,but we are just a humans, traveling is nice, educational, enrich your knowledge of the world, but my question is, how much we know about our own country, not much.

    5. I think you have been reading too much TEAK DOOR or the POSTBAG SECTION of the BANGKOK POST or may your info comes from certain establishments in Soi Cowboy, Nana, Soi seven or Pattaya. I live in Thailand and have done for a couple of decades utter rubbish simply sound bite reaction. On ripping off tourists no worse than any other tourist destination such as LONDON UK etc. in happens everywhere in the world.

    6. I’m deeply regrets for your bad experienced in our country. Even though everything in the world have got two side and we cannot change anything we cudn’t control, but you know one thing will never ever been lied on you that is natural. Overlooking at a bit thing and open mind for the difference it going to bring you to get a fantastic side what our country’s got.

      Thailand always welcome to you !!

    7. I have been in Thailand for the last 6 months & considering the amount of ex pats I have met from various countries I don’t know where U were in Thailand. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. The weather is usually sunny with temperatures around 30 Celsius everyday if it does rain it rains hard & it usually only lasts an hour or two. Rain has never ruined any plans because you know it will be over by the time you reach your destination. Thailand is really inexpensive especially the rent. Like in any country even Canada where I’m from there are always cabbies & others that are looking to rip off the naïve tourist. In Thailand they will give you a price up front & at a lot of the taxi stands the recommended rates are posted.

    8. Hi David, there is a chance there some times you meet the bad guys in any country, it is totally depends on your attitude toward the people, I am travelling to most Asian country and always been polite and respectful person towards those people of that lands and of course it is very important in Thailand as well, if you don’t give them a respect, in return you wont receive the favor.
      I always received the good hospitality and smile from from Thai people, i remembered once a police man ask me to have a sit and offered me a drink and lunch.
      depends on your behavior and your self.
      God bless you David

    9. Stupid David, it’s normal for the cremation of the king rama 9! for 1 week any tourist cant go any where, check cefore write dude!!!

    10. This article is so subjective and far from reality it should be renamed “10 Countries That I Don’t Want (You) To Visit”…

      Stay on your chair you’ll be safe (beware of carpal tunnel syndrome)

  2. Do you really feel the procedures are tough? You ask any asian, visa to any country in the world is toughest procedure than your 10 listed countries. (except Singapore Malaysia Japan and Southkorea)

    1. You are really right! Asian is highly discriminated when come to visa for overseas travel. In Laos, it takes months before application would be accepted or decline by embassies especially the USA, Australia, Canada etc. However, to get Lao visa might be relatively easy but, be warned, to say in Laos is another story. Check with your embassy website before making a move.

  3. I think It’s not true about Iran, second place after Saudi Arabia? Even before North Korea and Libya?! really? ?
    Have anyone any experiences about traveling to Iran? (specially the writer)

    1. Iran is completely different from what you have been saying and shown on television.
      Iran has four seasons.
      Iran is not a desert.
      It’s snowing in Iran.
      To never see or ignore yourself, never believe it

  4. hi it’s not true about Angola
    the trouble of Angola are only the politicians and hight prices
    but Angola have good people nice place to have a big party
    it’s like Rio de Janeiro.

  5. He is not true about Cuba. Tourism is the second most important sector in the Cuban economy. Anybody can travel to Cuba by a tourist visa that you could buy with tour plane ticket.

  6. I don’t believe the info on Cuba is all accurate. Cuba, like most of the Caribbean relies on Tourism as the main economic activity and earner for the country. The US has an embargo against Cuba, hence why US citizens find it difficult to get there. But Americans can travel to Cuba via Jamaica or the Bahamas.

    1. Cuba is one of the most important place visited for tourist. Maybe this information is just for USA citizen.
      I don’t agree about Thailand description because according my experience in the country is my favorite place

  7. This is totally incorrect about Cuba. I have been there, and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit, with many tousist attractions, some of the world’s best beaches, and the people are kind, warm and friendly. Whoever wrote this has surely never been there.

    1. Its not true some country first i vist Saudi Arabia be for 3years and nothing bad its better than dubai go to jedah & abha its betufull nice place to

  8. Wait. Why isn’t USA on this list? To just apply for a US Visa costs US$160.00, a non-refundable fee if declined btw, and a large percentage of applicants are declined. And of course, let’s not forget the travel bans trying to be currently imposed for several countries. Welcoming indeed.

    1. Have you traveled to Iran? Thanks for your comment… we really love tourists and Iran is really cheap, you can even buy house for yourself for one night even

  9. Most of these countries have made most of their population into slaves for a small ruling class, usually belonging to certain clans, using fondamenatlistic religion or political principles as tools, and the oligarchies are afraid any influennce on the population from outside. Cuba is perhaps an exception, . It is not that extreme anymore, and it encourages visitations, except from citizens of USA.

  10. Writing the name of Iran among this list is ultimately unnecessary.

    Iran is not Iraq. Iran is not an Arab country. Iran has the most security in the Middle East, which is not the day when nobody is killed by ignorance.

  11. well, you must see Iran up close before any idea. Iran is the cheapest country, because Rial lows down every day. And you have no idea how people love tourists. There are even documentaries about traveling to Iran : Iran’s great/ Don’t go to Iran, you might have the best trip of your life by TOLT

  12. Good, those useless countries can buries their heads in the muds for all I care. I am not interest in those horrible countries anyway. Add CCP China to the list too please, thanks.

    1. Have you been to China, better learn few words in Chinese , thank you, hi. And find out that you are welcome everywhere. They do not expect tip, Restaurants, Taxi, they don’t expect tip, but, in New York, even if you are not served properly, the Restaurants call Police and fine you or arrest you if you don’t pay tip. So, different countries, different custom.

  13. Rubbish even for a million dollar what is attractive in those 4th world countries, to bother anyone taking holiday there .I rather go to ogbunike cave ,okomu park than ,somalia ,Saudi Arabia ,north Korea ,that has no internet ,all the aforementioned countries are trash for .

  14. Very bad article. Has the writer ever travelled to Iran ? .iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a lot of historical places dating back to 5000 years ago. Iranian people likes foreigners and u will be suprised that how they are open and kind with u. I don’t deny that our government is not a good one and I know they have problems with Americans , but it’s not true with Iranian people. Travel to Iran and u will be suprised

  15. It is easy to visit CUBA for a holiday or for business. Many countries do so and their passports are not stamped because of the US attitude towards anyone who visit the island. I have never visited but I have many friends and business colleagues who have, and their feedback has been excellent. For both business and pleasure .There are many repeats by them.

  16. This is pure and rude right-winged manipulation. It’s just a list of countries that are not submisive to US policies and have been blockaded by the for many decades. If you say Saudi Arabia with their cruel, obsolete, middle ages legislation, well, Ok. But Cuba?!! A country which welcomes tourists in a familiar environment, prepared humanly to make visitors feel at home and being almost the safest country in the Western Hemisphere, only second to Canada? This page is a shameful manipulation. Iran is another country which respects visitors and their culture, and even North Korea is an extremely safe, beautiful country, though being true that they will asign you a guide who will tell you where you can go and where not. This website stinks!

  17. First of all, why would anyone in a right mind would like to travel to ANY of those places?

    I’ve traveled to all, but Angola, where I lived 1 year as a child, and truly, none of them is worth a simple glimpse.

  18. You forgot USA. If u are tourist you will be treated like a terrorist or illegal immigrant by the border police. So if u say that You (USA citizen I supose) are not welcome to visit Iran, you can say the same thing for we (non USA citizen) if we want to go vissiting NY for example

  19. Its just another example of American ignorance and non education towards other countries, their culture and history.. oh I forgot.. yes its not easy to understand other countries history when you not have one ..

  20. Is it true that In the US they make you strip naked in the customs for a security check up ? Wow! and what do they see?! All countries have issues. I’d lose a million before I even thought of entering the Saudi kingdom- you could be beheaded before your head realises why!

  21. The US of A must be the least desirable place to visit, full of people who are
    either too ignorant or too poor to gain experience of civilised countries.

    It is dangerous, dirty and diseased in the majority of its larger conurbations,
    with its natives carrying more weapons than Libya, Syria and Korea combined.

  22. I think some of you negative critics should go explore the tourists destinations in your own countrys first before travelling anywhere else . I am from New Zealand and have lived in Australia’s major cities , I have lived in Malaysia and am now living in Beijing China, it’s the same wherever you go (if you get in) try challenging the service you are using , you might be surprised, most of theser people are really testing you.

  23. Looks can be deceiving ( About IRAN ) , you can find beautiful scenery , we really love tourist and you can enjoy your traveling ,your claim is incapable of proof !!! i think your evidence of this article is full of errors and you need more study and investigate. put yourself to the prooof


  24. You are really right! Asian is highly discriminated when come to visa for overseas travel. In Laos, it takes months before application would be accepted or decline by embassies especially the USA, Australia, Canada etc. However, to get Lao visa might be relatively easy but, be warned, to say in Laos is another story. Check with your embassy website before making a move.

  25. This article assumes we are American. I am English and have lived and worked in 4 countries in your list. OK, I had to get sponsored etc. but didn’t have any problems.

  26. 10 Million Expats are currently living in Saudi Arabia, almost living in their home country. I think you need to redo your homework again.

  27. Remove Somalia to your list!

    Pirates were eradicated and now it is a safe place. you have to know that somali people are smart and they greatly welcome to the foreignness.

  28. That’s for the warning about these countries , fact is why the hell would I want to goto most of them in the first place utter shite holes

  29. I agree with the commenters who say that the writer of this article has no clue and has probably never travelled anywhere except the West. Most of what he says seems to apply to AMERICAN travellers, who find it more difficult and pricely to get visas into many countries than anyone else from the WEST. I’m Western, too (Australian) but I’ve lived and travelled everywhere since babyhood. The only country I’d not be able to get a visa for is North Korea (but that applies to almost everyone; even Mainland Chinese can seldom be allowed there). In my case as an Australian, I’d be able to get a transit visa for Saudi with just an inexpensive letter of introduction from my consulate, and since I”m a female, a letter from a male relative (if I were a male, I’d not need the latter). But many countries require similar types of documents to obtain their visas, and yes, it is true that the article is only geared towards Westerners: Asians and people (even wealthy, well established people) from Asia, Africa and most non-British-Commonwealth less developed countries find it very very difficult to get Western visas, and YES, THE US TOPS IT FOR DIFFICULT ENTRIES, EVEN FOR ITS SO-CALLED WESTERN ALLIES. Although I’m Australian and grew up in Canada, I was once threatened to be put under police surveillance in a locked room at the airport when I was travelling in transit to Mexico with absolutely no desire at all to leave the airport or spend any time in the US: I was ONLY there to change flights after a brief wait. Fortunately, the official in LA immigration did not after all enforce this rule, but this depended upon the whim of the official. Even then, for me to visit the US requires a great deal of rigmarol and red tape.

    I’ve lived in Syria (just before the revolution: it was very easy to get in there without any visa sponsorship) and I have travelled in Iran, and I did both ALONE (I travelled to Syria from Greece by land via Turkey and crossed the Syrian border on foot. I was treated very well. Yes, there is a problem now with getting into Syria but there is a problem getting into ANY country which is having a current war or revolution. I lived in the Republic of Georgia and when I crossed into there from Turkey, the bus avoided one province and did the long way around (not because of me; almost everyone on the bus was Georgian and there were no other Westerners) but since the region was having a civil war and was unsafe. THAT is why you are not granted visas for places in crisis: for your OWN protection. Unless you’d like to get in there and be caught up in the crossfire, which is your own choice. I know a British man who travelled through Iraq on his own without incident during the Iraq War: he arrived at the border and was granted the visa after being warned that the region was at war and unsafe, when he insisted on the visa to pass through Iraq to the next country. He had done his research and just avoided certain areas.

    For the idiots who say that these are all “bad countries” to visit, that is total bigoted apparently American, naive rubbish. I am very happy living in and travelling through most of these countries, happier in fact than in the West since they are so welcoming and group oriented, not cold and individualistic like many Western developed countries.

    And about Iran, as an Australian it’s very easy, and cheap, to get the visa. Any police I encountered (including immigration police) were polite and kind, and I was very welcomed by the local people, and I travelled across the country ALONE AS A FEMALE.

    And the silly person, David I believe, who posted the rubbish about Thailand is beyond naive. I”ve lived in Thailand (did part of my graduate degree there and also worked there). It was one of the nicest countries I’ve ever lived in and I’ve travelled the entire country ALONE. Yes, we are charged more than locals for certain things, but the prices are VERY low. We are charged more for economic reasons (the prices are so cheap for us). Sometimes I also paid local prices with the help of local friends who came with me when getting the tickets. For almost everything though I was charge local prices. And yes, this is the norm in many countries. As for being ripped off by taxis, that can happen in any less developed (and one developed and eastern globe) countries, but it’s NEVER happened to me in all the 60 countiries on every continent I’ve been to. Why? Since I’m not naive: I tell my price to the taxi drive BEFORE getting into the cab, and if anyone doesnt agree I find another cab. In the United Arab Emirates (it’s developed but taxi drives are mostly from less developed countries), if anyone tried to overcharge me by taking the long way around (there’s a meter in the cab) I’d just demand to be let out of the cab, not pay them at all, and get another cab. When one guy was reluctant to let me out of the cab, i called the police FROM the cab, and the guy freaked out and let me out instantly. And I’m a shy, polite young, attractive female, yet I’ve never had an issue. Oh, by the way, UAE, the country I’ve just mentioned is one of the SAFEST countries in the world, despite its name “Arab”. But most of these countries are very safe, and MUCH safer than the US, or Canada too for that matter. I’m always disoriented when I return to the West since I forget to protect myself (like not go out alone at night, etc etc).

    And Viet Nam? The guy is an idiot. THAILAND is much more foreigner friendly than Viet Nam. Viet Nam will let you in with a very expensive visa, and will treat you like dirt from day one unless you take tours (which I never take). The local people push you off buses by hand and tell you “You’re rich, take a taxi” even if you are on a low budget. You have to pay to enter the country and again to leave. It’s all about money and they are a very harsh culture. Of course, the naive idiot, David I believe, who mentioned the place is no traveller, so if he was there, or knew someone who was, they were probably TOURISTS, not travellers, and they took taxis and tours like good little (and terrified) tourists who cant handle getting around on their own, so they didnt encounter the flack. But I was so relieved to get from Viet Nam back into China where I’d been living, and when I told the border police about it, they agreed that the place is abusive and that they have the same experience with them. Although I did make friends with a former Vietnamese general who fought on the chinese side during the Viet Nam war, and when I was with him I was treated well by locals.

    If you dont know anything about the world, don’t write articles on it and definitely DO NOT go posting rubbish here to scare other people. Get out of your ivory tower and find out what the world is really like, and then we’d be able to deal with the issue of American bully imperialism and the current regime there. Since all these things take place due to sheer anglo North American ignorance. We don’t need people posting FANTASY BASED negativity in order to get everyone stirred up for nothing.

    OH about the higher prices, please recall that most less socialist Western countries (not some West European countries, though) charge DOUBLE their already exorbitant fees to foreign university (including graduate) students, including all those from less developed countries, in order it seems to force only the rich to be able to study in their countries. Less developed countries when they charge Westerners more do it since we can actually pay the prices (which are very low anyway). But the West does it since they selfishly wish to get even richer than they are. And to racistly reduce whom they allow into their countries (the wealthier from less developed countries also tend to be more “Westernized”).

    1. “total bigoted apparently American, naive rubbish”

      Hypocrite. Your blind hatred for my country is real. You sound an awful lot like the moron that posted this article. But I guess that’s okay, as long as your rant fits your own prejudice, yeah?

      Good luck in life..

  30. Charles, I agree with almost everything you say, but in fact West Europe, Australia and New Zealand are safer than Canada; I’m living in West Europe at the moment and when I’m in Canada I always have to “rethink” and be careful when going out alone after dark, not go to certain areas of the city, etc; situations I don’t have when anywhere else I’ve lived including the above mentioned places. But yes, Canada is definitely significantly safer than the US.

    And yes, I definitely agree with Charles that this is right-winged manipulation, the same which is responsible for garnering American support so that the US can go and bomb more countries, making them then “unsafe for travel” at the time the are being attacked.

    Dana, why do you go to “such places” if you look down on them so much. I’ve LIVED in many of these countries (I’ve lived in 16 countries in fact) and travelled through many more. I’ve only twice been in countries that were turnoffs, both of which were developed countries, and one which is the US.

    If you are going to go dropping in on countries you look down on due to your indoctrination, I’d recommend using your money to go somewhere you’d actually like, such as Miami Beach. No one needs your negativity or bigotism.

  31. Lots of respectful people love to travel and know different cultures. As for you, just stay home then and keep your mouth shot and your keyboard idle, instead writing disrespectful and discriminative coments.

  32. To be honest i am syrian and we love foreigners, however the conflict makes it hard to make tourism a thing, it is not that they hate foreigners.

  33. yeah. i think each country is beautiful in its way. we go and come and each of us has our own coment, but we should show our respect.

  34. Many of US citizens now in Somalia, and traveling from USA to Somalia is not totally see traveling that’s the reality not your sh**t publish

  35. It baffles me that in this century, some countries still prefer to be Island to themselves. Travelling is part of education and relationships are built up by individuals and governments. It is barbaric to make visits to other countries a bottleneck in as much as such visitors are prepared to visit legally with adequate documentations. The world is now a global village and one may like to experience what has been heard or read and also know about the topography of such countries. Unless there are some nasty things in such countries that they are holding to their chests visits to other countries is of much benefit for such countries. This article is very educative. Thank you.

  36. I have been to Cuba 9 times. It is a friendly and kind Country ; while the tourists live better than the common people; but that is the same with many other Tourist Destinations yes even USA.
    I look forward to going to Iran in the future when time permits.
    I never feel in danger in Cuba ; but when I visit many USA States I feel imminent danger and keep to my hotel complex…but there are some very nice places in USA as well.


  38. Hey guys..
    then after all the solution is just one–>visit Greece
    the country discovered hospitality and gave democracy and civilization to
    the rest of the world.
    Safe country,reasonable prices and all r welcome here.
    Find yrself in a safe atmosphere ,visit as many islands u can and discover
    the spirit of ancient Greece,you ll find very interesting the local kitchen among other
    Think about it….
    Take care all of you….

  39. Well Saudi Arabia has more visitors more than any other country annually why would people be selfish if that’s so what about isreal, Us, UK, Ukraine etc with their resist ideology??

  40. We don’t need approvals from Americans to be a good place. You need a fooking visa to visit Algeria or Cuba..
    May the writer be right when it comes to Libya and Ksa.. however one things is sure we don’t need your money or mass- tourism /bikinis to live and therefor we don’t eat maccdos ( cheap food)

  41. Look as though when one disagrees with “DAVID” over Thailand one’s posts get deleted or removed. I have lived in Thailand for over two decades what DAVID quotes is completely unbalanced and untrue. Simply looks like the usual “sound bites” that are banded about in certain “falang” establishments in Pattaya, Soi Cowboy, Nana or Soi Seven or simply copied from postings on TEAK DOOR or the postbag section of the Bangkok Post. Utter rubbish Thailand is no worse or better than any other “tourist” destination for ‘rip offs’. Stay SOBER, keep alert as one would on any foreign travel destination and one will have a fantastic experience of a lifetime!

  42. I’d rather travel to any of these 10 countries than to the US. Yes, I’ve been there before. Horrible place. Can’t control their guns. And what’s with this orange president? If more US citizens took the time to learn about the rest of the world, they’d probably be welcomed in more places.

  43. How insightful putting countries that are a war zone. It must have taken a degree in rocket science to work that out. Remarks above about Thailand: it is actually an easy and great place to visit (if you’re going to not go there because of the government then you may as well boycott most of the world – USA has an unofficial policy of shooting black people, Australia keeps refugees in off shore concentration camps etc, etc.). Of course you can ripped off in some areas, especially if you have a indulge in prostitution, but that’s common in lots of countries and if you have a modicum of common sense you will be fine and enjoy a very friendly people.

  44. An Indian here.. The author is absolutely wrong about Iran.. Currently in Iran on business.. Fantastic country, fantastic people, great food, great weather… Everything needed to visit a country… Not sure what is author is going about.. Do not believe the western media talking trash about Iran… Come over and experience a great culture and great people…

  45. this article is not true . we like peoples that comes from other countries and surely we hostess them warmly.Iran is big country that you can find history of it in all cities so you can easily come here .

    1. You may qualify for a discount on return fare to Iran and several of the other countries if you take your own body bag with you for your return flight.

  46. Proof of accommodation, return plane ticket, proof of purpose of your visit, security background checks, proof of knowing someone in the USA…. Visiting the USA for foreign tourist has also become a nightmare deterrent for any one who just wish to visit and see different culture. Every country has its own restrictions, sad for the citizen of the world.

  47. Hi,I am very sorry for you.
    you are very bad judgment about Iranian and so on…
    My Dear, please more study subject’s nation Iranian and their behavior against other people.
    please, spread friendly sentences about Iranian and so on.
    We don’t forgot impose war at last 30 years that, your government help our enemy.
    we don’t forgot your first government occupy united state violently and how make your nation on motherland’s Indian ,your governments make houses themselves on blood’s Indian.
    Please more study about your nation government.
    yours truly

  48. you guys are totally wrong, which one of you have been recently in Iran? None of your saying is true here . please do not mislead others by your comment. You don’t know Iran as well ! so please don’t judge the book!
    Iran is a one of the biggest country in the region , a four season country , hospitable people , well known for everybody please get back to the history. I am not talking about politics either power, no!
    I am talking about familiarity with Iran itself. The nature of Iran , landscapes , sceneries , waterfalls , mountains, flats, north of the Iran is known for “green belt” you won’t believe unless you come and visit us . surely we will welcome you.

  49. Many countries policies make it difficult for people to visit, which is often a different story once there. Some countries are easy to reach but hard to navigate (culture shock, attitude of locals towards visitors), and some are very hard to reach (visa conditions) but easy to navigate. It all depends where you are coming from or going to, and perhaps both. Cuba’s information is specifically mentioning Americans; the US government has everything to do with that but in no way it is a reflection of how Cuba receives all visitors. Though some of these countries may be worth visiting in one way or another, for the average traveler, most are no attractive or if they are it is for a specific reason, such as Canadians hooked on Cuba because it is the cheapest Caribbean destination and offers warm weather during the long Canadian winters.

    Only savvy, expert and perhaps risky travelers will visit Somalia, or Iran, for example. It makes it all the less attractive when some policies are completely out of touch with the current market reality, such as one requiring to have an airline ticket (what if your visa is not approved? Airline tickets are non-refundable in most cases). So save yourself the trouble if Saudi Arabia does not seem to want you, or the US, or Angola. The world is a big place with a lot to see and most likely, even in the best financial position, you will not have the time to see it all.

    If you are an average traveler, take this site for what it is worth, a fishing site looking for you to buy stuff through ads by luring users in with information that’s been given elsewhere with less overhead.

  50. You’ve missed out The USA – their visa regulations are ridiculous and they’re even talking about building a friggen wall for ffs!

  51. I think personal experiences isn’t really the point of this article. Tourists are going to face discrimination in most countries period. Higher fees, ripping off, and not speaking English is normal in any non English speaking country. After all, ur going on a vacation for fun and spending money, means u have excess money in comparison to people of many of these countries with poor people who work everyday just to be able to have one meal a day. It’s also normal in English speaking countries that those people don’t go out of their way to welcome tourists either. This article is really speaking about political climates and tensions between various countries and the US specifically that prevent people from traveling there, the governements. It’s not about the people that live there, most of them have little say in what the government does. Rather it’s about the about the procedures and time it takes to be able to even allowed to visit. The countries listed here make it waaaay harder for tourists to visit than most Asian countries do. Asian countries (except NK) don’t require you to stay in ur designated tourist spots and hotels all. You have freedom to do what you want. You just have to be a smart experienced traveler to avoid being ripped off.

  52. Such a lot of HOGWASH as I was born in Mauritius , lived in South Africa. Australia, USA, and now Mexico and have spent a great week in CUBA
    I can assure one and all that you will feel as threatened as you want to feel and you will see crimes where you look for them
    I had a wonderful wonderful week in Cuba and was always well received and treated wherever I went as I wasn’t looking for the bad things one hears about Cuba but was there to interact with the Cubans listening to their great music and enjoying their food and fun and if ever I were to receive a fully paid trip anywhere in the world I would choose Cuba without a doubt

  53. Top tip for American travellers. “Pretend that you are Canadians” (of course you will find that very difficult as you have to be polite and pleasant)
    The fact is that no-one, that is right No-one wants Americans.
    As a Brit, I have been welcomed in two of the countries mentioned and about 13 others. Only ever had problems when American colleagues travelled with me.
    I will never travel again to the USA, the most ill-mannered and despicable customs and border personnel. You may enjoy being teated as a criminal, it only ever happened to me in US (twice).
    So please Yankee go home and stay there, all others welcome.

  54. The only country on the list I would be tempted to visit is Cuba and that wouldn’t be a problem since in addition to being an American citizen I also have Panamanian citizenship. So I would travel to Cuba using my Panamanian passport. Right now I am in the Dominican Republic so Cuba is not that far away. Also the USA is not that easy to visit if you are from most countries in the world.

  55. Re Davids comments on double pricing in Thailand. Lived here for two decades or more personally I have never had this problem. However when it does occur keep thing in perspective one is probably talking about a couple of pounds or around three dollars. One also must remember that Thai’s earn considerably less than those who live in the west in Thailand a “good’ wage is on average THB15,000 (£350) PER MONTH even for professions in banks and medical services. The average factory or farm worker is usually on THB300 (£7:50) or less PER DAY. As for taxi’s from the airport to central Bangkok (about 23 miles) the average charge is THB400 to THB500 (£12) try taking the same journey in London (gold card job). One can even splash out on an airport limousine for about THB1,200 (£28) for the same journey. As for eating out it is a really great experience however yet again one must remember “etiquette” is totally different in the east to the west however there are plenty of KFC’s, McDonalds etc who would welcome people like David. Admittedly some Thai foods I simply do not like (pure personal choice) but the range of aromas, tastes and varieties available at very low prices in a THAI eatery is fantastic especially when one leaves the “tourist traps” behind. Explore live a little and you will enjoy THAILAND. One important piece of advice though when eating out NEVER HAVE ICE IN YOUR DRINKS (as one never knows it’s origin) biggest cause of stomach problems throughout the Far East.

  56. I find this article is only fir US citizens… I went 3 times to Iran and didn’t even need a visa… it’s a really lovely country with amazing food and welcoming people… this article isn’t really valid, in my experience

  57. You should rename the article, countries the US have pissed off. The most factually correct part of the entire article is the disclaimer. As for Thailand, it’s awesome, and some of the best food on Earth. Scamming in Asia is just part of the experience, although I’d put Vietnam below Thailand. Vietnam is far worse.
    And given the reasons you give other than “They don’t like Americans”, basically you are listing reasons why you should travel. I hope not all Americans are such closed minded pussies.
    I long for the time when people writing all these articles stop thinking America is the centre of the universe.

  58. All of these countries are mention they are not americans friends only saudi arabia is american puppet because america want to be boss and police of the world every where in the world America is pushing himself or fighting to get his own interest but i don’t say all american people are bad they are generous and good people although i don’t mention all americans are good they are some negative america people like klux klan idiot thinking towards foreignes together with their american goverment and his foreign policy make them american citizen not to be welcome in some part of the world , look all countries in part of the world can still travel except american citizen why because of their own goverment ,and dont forget America is making other countries to fight one onether to sell wepons because of his own intrest for oil and lying propagandas danger of creating terreur ,no one has created terreur in this world today that america and now making their puppet saudi arabia to fight with iran , AMERICA has burn the world , they way he burns his own country with free guns law, i think thailand is more safe today than american street,your talking about ripping off in thailand just go to Newyork you will be ripped off from street to taxi every where ,as i live in europe i can travel any where in the world Cuba nice place to be than in newyork and safer.

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