The Bottom 10 Countries With The Worst Education System


Receiving an education can provide the foundation for people to have a productive life. However, the education system is very unequal when it is compared on an international level. In many parts of the World, children are unable to receive a great learning experience due to a number of factors, such as war and poverty. Using an international point of view, here is a look at the leading countries who have poor educational systems.  Starting with the list of countries with the lowest standards of education below.


Burkina Faso

The United Nations notes that many children only stay in school until the 6th or 7th grade. Burkina Faso has a high teacher to student ratio, and less than 50% of adults are literate. Thanks to the support of the government, Burkina Faso has started to address some of these issues.


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  1. What is Australia’s and Britain’s position on the scale of rankings and how or who decides the placings?

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