25 Phrases You Should Be Using At Work To Get A Promotion


Your career is important to you, and how your manager and coworkers perceive you can be the key to your next raise or promotion. Gaining the reputation as a helpful, considerate, sincere employee and coworker can only benefit you no matter how many jobs you have throughout the course of your working life.


Here are the 25 Phrases Starting With Number 1 Below.

1 – What else can I do to help? – You’ve done your job, now offer to help your coworkers or boss with their latest project, especially if there’s a deadline looming. Being willing to pitch in is a desirable quality in an employee.

2 – That sounds really interesting. – When your supervisor gives a briefing on an upcoming project or task, be sure and say so if you find it interesting. Being engaged and willing to take on new work may be a big consideration when it’s time for raises.


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