Ten Identical Cars That Have Different Names in Different Countries

    Ten Vehicles Which Have Different Names in Different Countries

    If you have traveled the world, then it is likely that you have come across some cars which have different names than what you are used to in your country. There are many reasons why cars have rebadged very differently in various countries. The basic reason is that nothing is lost during the translation process. Also, various countries have different languages which can be interpreted differently in another country. The following cars have different names in their countries.


    1. Chevrolet Spark or Opel Karl

    These automobiles are not identical in style, Opel Karl shares overall design, and underpinnings with Chevrolet Spark. However, the subcompact is solid under the name Vauxhall Viva in the United Kingdom. The main reason why the name is different is that to sound more appealing to the people in that region.


    2. Opel Ampera-e/Chevrolet Bolt

    The opera Ampera-e is the German twin of Chevrolet Bolt. It has only minimal changes to meet its aesthetics to fit the brand name of Opel. The nameplate Ampera is also used to represent the European name of the Chevrolet Volt, and its original model takes Vauxhall brand in the United Kingdom.


    3. Holden Commodore/Chevrolet SS

    Unlike most models of Chevrolet, SS is imported from Australia and is originally produced by Holden. In its home market, the automobile sports sedan is referred to as Holden Commodore. The future of Holden Commodore is not bright because Holden will stop manufacturing these automobiles in Australia.


    4. Fiat Viaggio/Dodge Dart

    The Fiat Viaggio is the best example of how automobile changes the shape of the global market. Fiat Viaggio is referred to as Dodge Dart in North America and is actually manufactured in China for the only Chinese market. There is few difference between them; Dart has 2 liter or 2.4lite engine while Viaggio has 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. The main reason for different names is basically the language barrier.


    5. Ford F-150/Ford Lobo

    Ford F-150 is among the best selling vehicles across the United States. In Mexico, it is not called the same name but instead Ford Lobo. Lobo in Spanish means wolf which is the same as the fitting name for Ford F-150 due to its popularity as the best pickup truck. It is called Lobo in Mexico to sound more appealing to masses in the region.


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  1. You forgot to mention Mitsubishi Pajero (Asian version) and Mitsubishi Montero ( American version). FYI, Pajero is considered derogatory word, meaning “someone who je*ks off” so it was renamed Montero.

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