5 Reasons Why Elon Musk Could Care Less About You

Elon Musk is probably the busiest human on this planet. Whether it’s being a billionaire and handling all his global companies or innovating household things into a flamethrower, he’s always moving. But Musk is also unapologetically strange, so here are five reasons why he could care less about you. 1. Sorry California, Ill Do What […]

How Instagram Got To A Billion Users: In 5 Simple Steps

IntroductionInstagram has become one of the top apps on the market in the past few years. It’s efficient, appealing and a highly interactive social media platform. Let’s take a look at how the app got to a billion users in five images. 1. October 6, 2010: Launch The app launched in 2010 to much success. […]

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5 Ways To Get Your Tik Tok Viral: Step by Step

5 Ways To Get Your Tik Tok Viral: Step by Step Tik Tok is a social media app that is here to stay. Much like the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram, a savvy social media user can become a well-known influencer by checking all the right boxes. Tik Tokkers who make their content go viral are […]

5 Most Effective Dating App Lines In 2020

Quarantine has never been so much fun. Dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, and many more require more skill than ever. See the following 5 most effective dating app lines this year: 1) “I love your taste in music! Have you ever seen (artist name here) live?” Tinder and Bumble both have the wonderful […]

Gun Sales Up 71% in 2020: 5 Ways To Protect Yourself

While some crime has declined due to lockdown, the Federal Bureau of Investigations background checks for gun purchases reached a fever pitch during March to the tune of a little over 3.5 million. That number of background checks is indicative of approximately two and a half million actual gun sales. Analysts say the increase in […]

15 Fun At Home Activities For Kids You Should Try Right Now

Whether it’s spring break, summer break, or even a quarantine, it’s important to have a go-to list of activities to keep your children busy and away from those screens. The Cleaning Game Yes, seriously. You can turn almost anything into a game when it comes to kids. One thing we like to do in my […]

12 Ways Technology & AI Will Ruin All Our Lives

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. Today, more and more people than ever before are using more and more AI products than ever before. To be sure, it isn’t uncommon for many individuals to use AI devices to order items, answer questions, play games, receive the news, and more. While a substantial portion of […]

15 Cheapest Worldwide Destinations To Have A Wedding

If you and your partner love to travel, a destination wedding is a perfect idea! Depending on where you have it though, it can be expensive. It is important that you plan out what the best location is for you and your future spouse, considering your costs and what it will cost your loved ones. […]

Top 10 Ways To Help You Feel Younger As You Get Older

There may not be a fountain of youth, literally, but there are simple thought and lifestyle habits that may help allow anyone to feel young, vital, and relevant for the entirety of life. We’ve gathered some here.   1. Eat a Balanced Diet. Proper nutrition is important for staying youthful. It contributes to mental sharpness, […]

The Top 10 Best Countries To Invest In Real Estate & Buy A House

If you’ve decided to invest in overseas real estate and buying a house, you may be wondering which countries are best, which countries will give you the biggest returns, or which countries have the easiest process to get approved for a mortgage or real estate loan. In some locations investing and getting a mortgage is […]