7 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Job Resume


No matter the state of the economy or the employment market, a job seeker must always remember to never treat their resume in a lazy fashion. Many of the applications that employers, hiring managers and interviewers have tossed in “File 13” over the years had few but glaring errors that they believed were red flags indicating that a specific applicant didn’t care enough to present their best first impression. Career candidates especially who submit resumes that have the following easy mistakes are often considered lacking in required professional basic skills and abilities, such as appropriate written language skills, the capacity to pay attention to details and marketing and sales knowledge. ┬áHere are the top 7 mistakes to avoid when creating your resume and looking for a job, starting with #1 below:


#1 Text Errors

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a position in an office or a garage. Heavy use of computers across industries means that even the employers who manage labor-intensive processes, manufacturing for example, expect applicants to have comprehensive reading and writing computer skills. Always make certain to double check your submission for typos, missing punctuation marks, grammatical errors and sentence and paragraph structure contextual problems. Since applicants often can’t see their own mistakes, ask one or two people that you trust to give you an honest assessment before you submit the document to an employer.


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