7 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Job Resume


#7 Not Having A Call To Action

Although most applicants are told to focus on using “call to action” statements in their cover letters, the fact is that your submission should also have at least one CTA statement. You should include it either in the “Summary” section that describes your goals or as a short message at the end of the document. Using action verbs, explain why you’re the perfect choice for the job and remind the interviewer to contact you. Don’t list your contact details in the CTA. Instead, offer decision-makers a reason to contact you, such as a statement about your ideas to improve their business. A CTA does more than serve as a contact reminder. It shows a hiring manager or employer that you have researched their business and you’re thinking about improving the company’s bottom line as if you were already an employee.

Your resume is a document meant to sell you like a product sales slick. Check out online the trending, popular presentation submission designs specific to your industry for ideas. Once you have a design, use these steps to help you bypass the simple mistakes that have literally destroyed the hiring potential of many job seekers.


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