12 Reasons Why People Are Scared To Become Rich

    Winning a million dollar lottery or being part of a successful business might seem like a dream come true to some. It could be the key to financial freedom. For others, however, making it rich could actually be their worst nightmare. This is a list of 12 reasons why you may be afraid to make more money and have an extraordinary increase in your wealth.  Starting with number 1 below.


    1. Security And Theft

    There’s an old saying that with more money comes more problems. One of these problems has to do with security and theft. The more people know about the wealth you have accumulated, the better chances you have of being picked out for a potential robbery or mugging.  On the other hand you can also be subject to scams, or other people that may want to steal your money.


    2. Higher Taxes

    Taxes are confusing even for those who don’t have a huge income. While you can just hire someone to do your taxes for you, and being wealthy, you probably will, there’s still a chance that something might be overlooked or missed or written down incorrectly, and as such, you’re usually left the worse off from it. The wealthier you are, the more taxes you typically pay, and this may seem overwhelming to some.


    3. Problems With Friends & Family Asking For Money

    Perhaps one of the strongest reasons why a person might want to avoid becoming wealthy is simply because of the inevitable line-up of distant relatives who suddenly want to be your friend. Or your actual friends may turn greedier, or you meet new people who are primarily interested in your money and not yourself as a person. Inauthenticity is a real problem where greed meets ambition.


2 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why People Are Scared To Become Rich”

  1. It’s a good idea for someone who want to avoid wealth. Actually, wealth is nice dream of many many people 🙂

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