The 10 Most Expensive Colleges In The World

    Colleges and universities around the world have different criteria and degree programs. Here’s a list of some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities with the cost of tuition and related expenses included.  College can be expensive, but having a college degree could mean the difference between being stuck in a dead end job all your life, or making your way up the ladder of life to expand your career and make more money in the long run.  The list of the worlds most expensive universities starts below and on the next page!


    1) Parsons School of Design is an innovative school with programs in architecture, design, fashion, fine arts, photography, and textiles. The school offers non- degree, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. The tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is $38,510. With additional costs for books and other expenses, the total is $42,839.


    2) Tuition at the University of Chicago costs $53,292, with room and board on-campus at $15,726. As one of the most venerated universities in the fields of ecology and sociology, the school is known for establishing the first executive MBA degree program.


    3) Johns Hopkins is a private, research school in Baltimore. Johns Hopkins has an enrollment of 24,000 with programs in natural and social science, arts and humanities, education, music and the arts, international studies, health, and engineering. Tuition to Johns Hopkins is $52,170.


    4) Dartmouth College is an Ivy League institution in Hanover, New Hampshire, established in 1769. Dartmouth is known for the Geisel School of Medicine and the MBA program at Tuck School of Business. Dartmouth features 40 departments in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Interdisciplinary programs. Tuition for Dartmouth is $52,950.


7 thoughts on “The 10 Most Expensive Colleges In The World”

  1. You have to check your data better. The cheapest of the 10 most expensive universities in the USA costs
    U$S 57.000. Trinity, my college is a mere U$S 62.400. The most expensive in the in the Business Insider ranking is Harvey Mudd at U$S 69.717.

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