Top 4 Countries With The Highest Income Tax Rate


3. Denmark – 36.1%

In Denmark, the average individual will pay 45% in tax! Being a progressive system, the most an individual will pay is 55.8%. Some of this breaks down as $155 for social security, 27% or 42% on capital gains, 27% on dividends, 5% for healthcare, and 22.5%-27.8% in municipal tax. Church tax isn’t as high as Germany’s as it lies at .43% to 1.4%. This tax is also voluntary. Like other systems, charitable donations can be a tax deduction.


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22 thoughts on “Top 4 Countries With The Highest Income Tax Rate”

  1. Ha! I wish Sweden had as low tax rates as any of these countries. Not only does Sweden have the highest margin tax at close to 60%, Swedes also have to earn the least to reach the top bracket.

  2. Australia (not Austria) has the highest tax rate in the world being 49% plus 10% goods services tax, plus 100% fuel excise tax, plus upto 3% on the value od buying a house, plus 15% tax on retirement savings, on return schooling, hospital , medical doctors, government housing are for free or incur a small fee.

    1. Where do you get that? According to the detailed Wikipedia article on the subject, even the highest tax bracket is only 34.8 – 45% (income of $180,000 and above). Do you also pay a 180% vehicle registration tax on cars? Just 10% goods service tax? Try 25% VAT in Denmark. You can’t just add together random tax percentages from different subjects and cry out “we have over 9000% income tax”. Income tax is just income tax.

  3. Australia- think you left out some things …
    49% tax
    10% gst
    1.3% Medicare
    1.1% (I think it was) budget repair levy
    And, you have the chance to pay taxes on taxes at times!
    One main reason I left.

  4. Why was Jamaica left out 25% income tax,16.5% consumption tax, gas tax, motor vehicle taxes, Education tax, National housing Trust tax, Environmental tax, licenses fees, stamp duty on home purchases and others not mentioned. If you add all of those taxes Jamaica will be the highest and worst in the world and education nor Health is not free and a third of the population has no legal tenure to land occupied

  5. Why is Italy not mentioned in this article.
    with 22 % tax on the lowest income and 44%
    on higher income,taxes on taxes, taxes to
    privileged professions,taxes on bank accounts,VAT of 22% applied on already
    excise taxes,gasoline taxes of 300%,
    stamp tax of 16,00 E on any govt. issued certificate,and the list goes on and on!!

  6. I am Austrian and I can confirm that tax rates are very high in Europe. You can calculate 18% for health insurance (but no deductible when going to the doctor or hospital) plus increasing tax for certain income levels. We alo pay 20% value added taxes on every product – so you could also summ it up to ~70% of charges.
    BUT we can use good streets, have good schools and education, have social peace and legal certainty, and freedom of speeche and opinion, which I regard worth all these charges!!! I would not want to change with e.g. Brazilian system where you don’t want to even trust a police patrol or an accident on the street. The expenses for a private army will be much higher and less valuable for some kind of peaceful life…

  7. This is a stupid article as it does not tell us what the tax is spent on so it cannot be compared with tax rates in other countries. Many european countries have free education and free universal healh care which is paid for with this tax.

  8. Austria (NOT AUSTRALIA) has the much more higher Tax Rate! Allready with Income per Year of 60K to 90K you pay 48% from 90 to 1 mio 50% Over 1 Mio 55% Thank you Austria VAT 20%, NOVA (Green Tax for Cars up to 38%, Social Insurance not includet (about 19%) buying a house you pay 6%

    Grenzsteuersatz ab 2016)
    11.000 und darunter 0% 0%
    ├╝ber 11.000 bis 18.000 25%3)
    ├╝ber 18.000 bis 25.000 35%3)
    ├╝ber 25.000 bis 31.000 35%
    ├╝ber 31.000 bis 60.000 42%
    ├╝ber 60.000 bis 90.000 48%
    ├╝ber 90.000 bis 1.000.000 50%
    ├╝ber 1.000.000 55%

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