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5 Reasons Why Elon Musk Could Care Less About You

    Elon Musk is probably the busiest human on this planet. Whether it’s being a billionaire and handling all his global companies or innovating household things into a flamethrower, he’s always moving. But Musk is also unapologetically strange, so here are five reasons why he could care less about you.

    1. Sorry California, Ill Do What I Want

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, non-essential business such as auto manufacturing were ordered to come to a halt in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. On 5/11/20, Elon Musk announced that he will be restarting production against the local county rules. He also mentioned, “If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.” Not only is he not scared of the government, he is INVITING the arrest. Talk about someone who doesn’t care!


    2. Tweeting Down Tesla

    It’s no surprise, Tesla is one of the best-known companies in the world. With a gigafactory just opened in Shanghai, the future can now be delivered to all parts of the globe. The Model X can even dance to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. That’s right, a dancing car. In addition, the Tesla Cybertruck is already on its way to consumers and ready to revolutionize another market. However, despite the growing company, Elon believes the stock’s value is too high. He made sure that everyone knew this, by tweeting out this sentiment to his millions of followers. This shaved off about $13 billion off the $140 billion company, but Elon doesn’t care. The pricing of the stock is now where he thinks it belongs.


    3. Welcoming X Æ A-12

    With everything running in the background, Elon Musk has recently expanded his family. This came with the news that his girlfriend, Grimes, had just welcomed a new baby boy. Yet the news came with controversy, as the baby was named X Æ A-12. People were quick to question Musk and his intentions, but as with all things, he wasn’t concerned.


    4. Selling Mansions

    Along with the news of his child, Musk has also vowed to sell off his material possessions. He wasn’t kidding either, as he already listed two of his Bel Air mansions up for sale. This pledge was actually announced via himself on his twitter, so it’s clear that Musk has no time for press conferences.


    5. Colonizing Mars

    Musk’s other company, SpaceX, has already become a household name. Through their work with other space agencies such as NASA, they have proven to be a successful group. However, while there are countless innovations yet to be discovered on Earth, Musk defiantly looks beyond. He has his sights on terraforming Mars, the fourth planet. It’s crucial since his ultimate mission is to ‘make life multiplanetary’. When SpaceX is written into the history books, it’ll all be thanks to the relentlessness of Elon Musk.


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