Are You Retired? Check Out These 20 No-Cost Ways to Make Side Money

    While it’s often tough to give up a full-time career in order to retire, it is also a way to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you are retired it is still possible to generate a limited income, allowing you to dabble in new hobbies and activities while earning a side income. Here are some of our top 20 no-cost ways to make side money as a retiree:


    Rent or Share Your Home

    With the advent of online communities and services such as, renting or sharing your home has become easier than ever. If you own more than one home or if you are interested in renting out a room in your primary property, doing so is possible by choosing your preferred service and sharing your listing to get started.


    Homemade Food and Baked Goods

    If you love to cook homemade meals and create baked goods for loved ones year-round, consider the opportunity to sell your creations. There are multiple online services available for serving homecooked meals depending on your location and community.

    Visit local shops and farmer’s markets to inquire about selling your baked goods. Many local communities host events that allow citizens of the area to sell their goods when abiding by set rules.


    Surveys and Market Research

    Making money from home while you are retired has never been easier than with the use of survey applications along with market research opportunities. Various survey companies and downloadable apps provide opportunities to complete surveys in exchange for pay. Always thoroughly research survey companies and applications you are interested in using to avoid potential scams. Survey companies do not require you to enter sensitive financial information or other personal details when registering as a user and should be avoided if you are prompted to do so at any time.


    Temp Agency / Seasonal Positions

    Visit your local temp agency to inquire about positions that are only temporary and within your wheelhouse. Temp agencies are ideal if you have a set schedule you are willing to work or if you are satisfied with any position to help occupy your time while making money. It is also possible to search for seasonal positions locally or when visiting your temp agency, as many stores hire during the holidays when stores are the busiest and require more staff.



    Babysitting is another great way to spend time with others while also making money on your own. Ask friends and family members about babysitting whenever they need to run errands or want to spend a night out on the town. Use various listing sites and social media to reach out to others who know you who are able to find potential jobs to take on.



    Gardening is often a hobby for most people, though it is possible to earn money if you have a green thumb. Check your local town hall for more information regarding gardening clubs, or learn more about gardening clubs in your state online. Gardening clubs along with gardening jobs involving planting and maintenance are available with friends, family members, and even others in your neighborhood.


    Care for Animals

    When you love caring for animals, consider working as a dog walker or a pet sitter. Use local classifieds to share your listing while also informing those you know about the services you offer. Grooming, bathing, feeding, and playing are all tasks you can help owners complete while making a side income.


    Tour Guide

    Working as a tour guide is ideal if you prefer adventure and enjoy spending time with people, even while retired. When you live in a large city or an area that attracts tourists, consider applying for a part-time position as a tour guide, especially if you are well-versed in your local area.



    Working as a housesitter allows you to enjoy new locations while getting paid to do so, ideal when you have an extremely open and flexible schedule. Housesitting requires you to remain at the home you are watching throughout the entirety of your agreement with the owners, but it also provides you with a new environment and adventure.


    E-Commerce Store

    Consider launching an eCommerce store using platforms such as Shopify or Etsy to sell handmade goods and crafts.



    Work as a tutor to help children and teenagers learn various subjects you are familiar with or have a college degree in.



    When you have a skillset, consulting is possible from any location. Consulting allows you the ability to share your passions and skills with others while earning a living.


    Freelance Writer/Copy Editor

    Freelancing writing and working as a copy editor is possible if you have a love for writing and an obsession with grammar.


    Mystery Shopper

    Mystery shoppers get paid to visit various local stores while reporting their experiences and any mishaps they encounter throughout their trips.


4 thoughts on “Are You Retired? Check Out These 20 No-Cost Ways to Make Side Money”

  1. I have done most of these things . already. opened a daycare. kids trashed the house. worked temp. 30 bucks an hour. did opinion surveys. by far the easiest. . did extra work at movies. a lot of waiting around. why not include being a nude model for artists? easy money there. if you not shy. or making videos. etc. lots of people want actresses or couples. to be in their movie. renting out rooms make sure your roomates are not potheads or deadbeats who try to kick you out of your own home. You cant sell food at outdoor market unless you have liscence. insurance. inspected food etc etc. cant just can your own jam and sell. dog walking sounds like fun. have not tried that. gardening is back breaking work. in hot sun. pulling weeds. need a truck etc. consultant. done that. was a recruiter. tour guide. how do I sign up? web designer. graphic artist. how many unemployed arty girls do that? mobile massage therapist. might be good idea. someone left massage table at my place. if you live in Oakland you can sell tacos out of your garage. nobody cares. I got my massage certificate from Thailand. can do massage on the beach for twenty dollars. half hour oil massage. meet at beach or park on sunny day. or with my lady friend for 50 dollar. or both for 70 dollar. have done that too. put ad out with phone no. people will call. on call handyman or carpenter. I would pay for that. I would also pay for someone to collect my mail or just open and email me the important stuff. but that takes a reliable person who can read and write. I can write. transcribe whatever. but how to get those gigs?

  2. Waoo,
    I was just looking forward to see other remaining 19 way side to make money because I wanted to merge or compare it to other petty jobs like going to do small farm and fishing work which I still use to manage my self on some day I check my strength and discover I can go and come back without my wife coming to look for me. Please just help forward 20 way side of making money without cost as you rightly said. I don’t have enough home for share or rent. looking forward to here from you soon.

    Thanks and God bless

  3. Please, What are the other ways of making additional income apart from the Rent/Housing issue ?
    What happens to retirees who do not own a house ? I will appreciate your advice. Thanks

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