Are You Retired? Check Out These 20 No-Cost Ways to Make Side Money


Temp Agency / Seasonal Positions

Visit your local temp agency to inquire about positions that are only temporary and within your wheelhouse. Temp agencies are ideal if you have a set schedule you are willing to work or if you are satisfied with any position to help occupy your time while making money. It is also possible to search for seasonal positions locally or when visiting your temp agency, as many stores hire during the holidays when stores are the busiest and require more staff.


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4 thoughts on “Are You Retired? Check Out These 20 No-Cost Ways to Make Side Money”

  1. I have done most of these things . already. opened a daycare. kids trashed the house. worked temp. 30 bucks an hour. did opinion surveys. by far the easiest. . did extra work at movies. a lot of waiting around. why not include being a nude model for artists? easy money there. if you not shy. or making videos. etc. lots of people want actresses or couples. to be in their movie. renting out rooms make sure your roomates are not potheads or deadbeats who try to kick you out of your own home. You cant sell food at outdoor market unless you have liscence. insurance. inspected food etc etc. cant just can your own jam and sell. dog walking sounds like fun. have not tried that. gardening is back breaking work. in hot sun. pulling weeds. need a truck etc. consultant. done that. was a recruiter. tour guide. how do I sign up? web designer. graphic artist. how many unemployed arty girls do that? mobile massage therapist. might be good idea. someone left massage table at my place. if you live in Oakland you can sell tacos out of your garage. nobody cares. I got my massage certificate from Thailand. can do massage on the beach for twenty dollars. half hour oil massage. meet at beach or park on sunny day. or with my lady friend for 50 dollar. or both for 70 dollar. have done that too. put ad out with phone no. people will call. on call handyman or carpenter. I would pay for that. I would also pay for someone to collect my mail or just open and email me the important stuff. but that takes a reliable person who can read and write. I can write. transcribe whatever. but how to get those gigs?

  2. Waoo,
    I was just looking forward to see other remaining 19 way side to make money because I wanted to merge or compare it to other petty jobs like going to do small farm and fishing work which I still use to manage my self on some day I check my strength and discover I can go and come back without my wife coming to look for me. Please just help forward 20 way side of making money without cost as you rightly said. I don’t have enough home for share or rent. looking forward to here from you soon.

    Thanks and God bless

  3. Please, What are the other ways of making additional income apart from the Rent/Housing issue ?
    What happens to retirees who do not own a house ? I will appreciate your advice. Thanks

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