15 Fun At Home Activities For Kids You Should Try Right Now

    Whether it’s spring break, summer break, or even a quarantine, it’s important to have a go-to list of activities to keep your children busy and away from those screens.

    The Cleaning Game

    Yes, seriously. You can turn almost anything into a game when it comes to kids. One thing we like to do in my family is create a point and reward system. The more they clean, the more points they earn. We give extra points for things like organization and getting along with their siblings during the process. For rewards, you can give a special treat or piece of candy, or even electronic time.


    Family Workout

    This is another fun activity to get your kids active, and burn some of that energy that we adults envy so much. There are endless workout videos online from 10 minutes to even 30 minutes that you can follow along with.

    Scavenger Hunts

    Kids are competitive. Time your kids during a scavenger hunt to see how many items they can find of a certain color or letter.


    Activity Stations

    Designate certain areas of the house or a room for various activities.

    Hide and Seek

    This activity is absolutely timeless. You can even play with objects- you hide them and let your kids find them.


    Dance Party

    Another activity that never gets old and also gets your kids moving and burning energy.

    Simon Says or I-Spy

    We play these games almost every morning while waiting at the bus stop. These games are both great ways to combine physical and mental activity.



    Call out any category you can think of (animals, characters, etc.) and have your child act out something from that category.


    If it’s nice outside you can use chalk to play, or use painters tape on the floor if you have to play indoors! You can also create an indoor tic-tac-toe board. Use tape to make the board and paper plates (or plain paper) to make giant X’s and O’s


    Escape Room

    Get creative! There are tons of ideas online, but you can make your own clues and hints too! Not only will your kids enjoy this, but it will also force them to use their critical thinking skills.

    Popsicle Stick Crafts

    The options are endless. You can let your kids make Popsicle stick photo frames, wall decor, or treasure boxes. Another great idea is to make little Popsicle stick dolls and perform their own puppet show!


    Toy Giveaway

    Believe it or not, many kids actually enjoy this activity! Have them go through all of their toys and set aside the ones they have not played with in more than one month. Donating these toys will not only remove clutter their rooms, but it will also teach them kindness and what it means to give back.

    Tracing Hands and Feet

    This is a fun activity that also creates a keepsake for parents. Have your kids trace their hands and feet, then color or decorate and date the drawings to keep forever!


    The Telephone Game

    All players sit in a line next to each other. The first person says a sentence quietly in ear of the person next to them. The last person in line says the sentence out loud, and chances are, it’s not what was said the first time. This is a fun game that also teaches the importance of proper and clear communication.

    The Questions Game

    Write out 10 (or more) questions for each child to answer independently. Ask about their favorite memories, best friends at school, and what they like about themselves and each other. This is a great way to learn about your child and their personality!


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