Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names And Their Origins

    Are you expecting? Are you in the process of picking out a name for your bundle of joy? This comprehensive list will tell you not only the top ten baby names for 2017, but also give you a glimpse at the origins of the name and the meaning as well.  It’s really important to name your children with names that will set them up for success!  Remember, a name can make a huge difference with first impressions.  Below and on the next page you can find the 10

    #1) Emma

    Starting the list is Emma. This classic name is Lain in origin and has been in use for many centuries all over the world. Emma means “whole” or “universal.”


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  1. Godiva which means God’s gift its female. NSE an Ejagham/African name which means father though Asia also use the name too but their meanings unknown.

  2. Isabella is not found in the Bible. Jezabel and Elizabeth, however, are. Saying that you are not experts does not allow laziness in simple research.

    1. If you’re reading an English version of the Bible, you’re right. But more people read in Spanish in the world today than English — and that’s growing every year. So Isabel IS found in the Bible.

  3. Nice attempt, but unfortunately very shallow.
    History is ignored, if not falsified.
    Hebrew is an important semitic language, but it does not represent all semitic languages.
    Hebrew is just one of the languages that have a common SEMITIC origin (from “shem” in hebrew or “sem” in arabic) and SEMITIC culture.
    Actually, today, most semites are not hebraic: phenicians were semites, arabs are semites (among the most common first names in arabic are “Sami” or “Semi” for boys and “Samia” for girls)
    So please, less ethnocentrism and more open-ness on REAL reality …

    1. Thanks for your comment and the information you shared. I love names from all over the world and especially knowing what they mean.

    2. Plenty talk has nothing to do with the article in the sense that it’s not clear, we know u are well schooled so u look for every opportunity to show off well said

  4. Quite frankly this helps informatively except that it doesn’t extend to my own world of African Nations. Particularly to my native country of Nigeria. Nigeria has its multiculturalism in hundreds of different languages and dialects.
    Perhaps I could give you a few name popularly adopted by Yoruba Tribesmen mostly located in the South Western Region of Nigeria.
    Names include: 1. Babatunde – given to a new male child born following the death of a male figure within the family ? clans.
    2. Iyabo – is the female counterpart name.
    3. Ayomide – may go for both sexes, meaning a new child brings the parents a bundle of JOY.
    4. Olalekan – may mean a new child heralds more blessing or fortune to an existing fortune family.
    5. Abiodun – happens to be a name I personally gave to my son born out of a marriage ? with a natural born African America. This is popular and appropriate name easily given to any child,male or female, for coincidentally born on a new year day. Isn’t that amazing?
    I could go on and on with countless names.
    Hope this is enlightening to readers from around the world.

    1. You did strike the right chord my brother. There are many African names not known in the western that are very deep and meaningful .

    2. You ought to know, that these lists on US or UK orcountry specific sites the information of popularity is based on data collected by vital statistics. It’s a projection based the previous years data. Population wise, and cultural a name from Nigeria, will not crack the top 10, unless it’s the name of a popular TV show or book character, since there isn’t millions of Nigerians living in the US.

    3. Love that you added this part of our Country and names given to newborn for specific reasons and events. Thanks bro for your contribution. Pls add more.

  5. I was going to say Zelda but that is a Hebrew name. It was hard as a little kid to put up with the teasing re my name and I swore I was going to change my name when I got that right which I figured was 16 years. Got into high school, my world opened up and my name fit right in there with the European immigrantsl. I found out what an asset a ‘diffferent’ name was and it still holds true 70+ years later. Its a family name.

    1. I think the best name for females is kolsoume and akbar for male .arent they ???☺?the meaning of the name is as good as you want for your child.

    2. I think the best name for females is kolsoume and akbar for male .arent they ???☺?the meaning of the name is as good as you want for your child.

  6. I was happy to read this list. Happily, trendy cutesy names didn’t make the list. The names listed were solid and monickers that no one will be ashamed to grow up with. Cross-over names make be nauseated ?. I agree with Wezi!

    1. Joey means honest and full of high inspirations and Janerose – responsible nature&mature.
      Hoon is heart warming and Heejin means treasure, happiness,truth and shine. Thats the names of my 2 sets of twins.

  7. Thank you very much for that wonderful names but now what am asking you could you please help me and tell me the meaning of that name Clancy it is not on your list but wanted to knw the meaning of it . Thank you

  8. Those are beautiful name, but the most beautiful for me was Elijah. Its meaning historically represent a bunch of biblical passages and take us through the history of God: the Almighty. It is a fantastic name, very beautiful indeed. I always wanted to name my son Mateo, but this one makes me rethink about it. Thanks

  9. Well stated, but I think it could be better if you had attached the audio pronunciation to every single name stated, so that parents can make the right pronunciation to each name.
    Thank you…….and well done!!!

    1. must you come here with all these Yoruba Islamic names too, who would understand all these names ? They don’t even have meaning


  11. Hi,
    Sophia has never been claimed to be a spanish name (Sofia, in spanish) but always has been recognized as greek. Emeritus spanish queen is named Sofia and was a greek princess.Also misses far more used names as Mary-Mariam-María, John or even probably more used as Lì or Wei, just by the sake of chinese population, or Mohamed, Sarah or Yasmine. Seems little research and a lot of bias.

  12. The world Most beautiful names for 2017 are Sebastian Philip James for boys and Beatrice Eleonore Renee for girls based on UN birth world data.

    1. The only name I liked a little bit on that list was Liam. When I was a little girl I loved the name Jessica, it wasn’t a common name and I if I had a little girl that is what I would name her. My firstborn daughter was born on 3/17/85 and I named her Jessica Marie. Who knew that that it would be the number one name for little girls in 1985. My youngest is named Jeannette Marie after her great aunt. My granddaughter, by my youngest is named Sapphira Marie, she got the name from a character in the movie Eragon, except in the movie it’s spelled Saphira. My daughter thought two p’s looked better. Sapphira is in the Bible in the story of Ananias and Sapphira they were, according to the Acts of the Apostles chapter 5, husband and wife and members of the early Christian church in Jerusalem. The account records their sudden deaths after lying to the Holy Spirit about money.

    2. Caroline is a good name. It’s popular in Europe. Actually in France & Canada it’s common. Personally, I like it. With loves. Chris

  13. Evangelos is a Greek male name (Ευάγγελος). The matching female name is Evangelia (Ευαγγελία). It means two things. Good angel (ευ=καλός + άγγελος) and good annunciation/announcement (ευ=καλός + αγγελία). That is my name, and I did not know what it meant for a pretty long time. It is pretty meaningful and when pronounced in Greek it sounds beautiful too. Unfortunately Greeks like saying instead of Evangelos, Vaggelis, which just means nothing, but if you point out that you prefer Evangelos they will use the name Evangelos.

  14. Meanings of these names required, TQ in advance!
    Lilian Julie Cindy Nancy Serena Karen Vincent all siblings; spouses/sons /daughters Victor Tony Philip; Justina Clement Shirlee Kelvin; Philips Betty Paisley Michelle Angelina; lastly Watson and Shirley.

  15. My younger daughter, Tze Kuan LEONG just got married to Jia Jian Gow. Elder daughter Bo Kuan LEONG both of them prefer their chinese names, despite childhood nicknames Ario & Ginny which they no longer use.

  16. hie thank you for opening our eyes about giving the names to our new born.plz may you kindly help me with the meaning of the name Stacey

  17. So many new parents today want an unusual name and spelling so no one can pronounce or spell it. They are also crazy names like Apple, Blue Ivy, North West or is it South West?
    How about a new trend? The new baby gets mom or dad’s name and they get the new one if they think it is so great!!!
    How about North Kardashian as her professional name? Is it Apple Paltrow or do I have the wrong parent? If you would not want to be known by that name for life why foist it on to an innocent and voiceless child? Will Sebastian be nicknamed The Bastard? Kids can make a joke out of many names so why not try to avoid the possibility? It may be cutsey now but will it suit a 350 lb. woman, a 40 year old Mayor, a 135 lb. Male sports announcer, a 52 year old bank manager. Think ahead. If it’s really so great why not just register a legal name change and give your kid a plain, tried and tested name like Tom, Bob, Jim, Ken, Andrew, Stephen or Laura, Anna, Diana, Elizabeth, Mary(ann), etc.
    I know a family that named their son Jesse (short for Jessica?) And their daughter Georgia
    (shortened to George). Really confusing!!! I have 2 kids – Jessie and George. Do you mean one of each or 2 boys or 2 girls?
    I have 5 kids in their 40-50’s, all with classic names I did not register till they were 6 weeks old and I felt sure the name would suit the child and stand the test of time. Haven’t heard a single complaint yet re their names.

  18. Please don’t destroy my reply. It is all true and factual, and hopefully will provide some food for thought. Choosing a name will shape that person’s life for life – perhaps the most important decision parents can make.

  19. Nigeria is blessed with rich culture and different languages.Check out these names with great meanings
    Ireoluwa:God’s gift
    Demiladeogo:wear me a crown of glory
    Oluwasegun:God has given me victory
    Adewumi:I love crown

  20. Any name can be good the most important thing is the meaning of that name weather its good or bad and if there is no evil meaning behind it. Each country and nation have their own names and meanings behind them. the most important is our beliefs and religion. this should guide us when picking up names. Moslems don’t pick up Christian names and Christians vise versa. Cheers all is just fine and dandy

  21. Thank you writer for the wonderful article and a place to open for discussions. I am from India, currently in Maldives and brought up in a place where English was the prime language. I would also like to provide some inputs.
    Savithri, Sulochana, Aishwarya, Usha, Geetha, Maya, Rukmini, Vatsala, Manjusha, Asha,
    Nirmala, Winifred, Kathleen, Maria, Alice, Christina, Angelica,
    Aishath, Aminath, Shadha, Saiba, Miriyam, Unaisha, Sila are also wonderful names.

  22. A good attempt. More grease to your elbow. Love the names Emma, Liam,& Elisheva. I also love Queen, Emerald, Christabel, Mirabel, Clarion, Serena,for females and Greg, Daniel, Dave, Hilton & Donald for males.

  23. I understand that the author was meaning western names from English speaking countries. This has to be stated before hand, because people nowadays are very sensitive. I am glad my name is somehow universal, but you have to be very careful when naming your kids. I come from an Spanish speaking country where nowadays some people are using very funny and stupid names like Usnavy, and the mixing of mother and father names. Furthermore, I would not use any name that could bring free bullying to my kids. e.g. When I lived in Japan, I came across the photo in a newspaper of a very nice girl whose name was Mariko Kagao. This girl may not have a peaceful existance in my country, because her name means “shited gay” in Spanish. I am sorry, but this is still a fact of life nowadays.

  24. I understand many great tribes were silenced like Ogoni that God placed in Africa with pleasant names such as Nwinuaka, Lekue, Saro, Kenule, Nuka, Sule, Sorbari, Uebari, etc.

  25. My name is is Maire ( Irish ) but it’s pronounced Moya .It means goddess .Sofia in Irish is Sadhbha -pronounced Sawa .I love the African names above – beautiful .

  26. I’m surprised no one mentioned the names Barbara, Shirley, Ian, Marjorie, Eugene, Grantley, Hallam, Susan, Angela, Roger


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