15 Places People Mysteriously Keep Disappearing From


5. Roanoke Colony

Stretching back in time to the beginning of European colonization of the New World, Roanoke is one of the earliest recorded mysterious disappearances. The colony was founded by English colonists in 1585. The governor of the colony sailed back to England to get more supplies, but upon concluding their return travel three years later, the colony was abandoned. Only the word ‘CROATOAN’, the name of a tribe of local native Americans, etched into a tree gave any indication as to what might have happened to the colony.


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2 thoughts on “15 Places People Mysteriously Keep Disappearing From”

  1. I believe some research must have been done to know the reason why disappearances happen in the Bermuda triangle.

  2. Also in Zimbabwe mysterious disappearances of people have occurred around Mt. Inyangani in the eastern highlands of the country close bordering with Mozambique.

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