Gun Sales Up 71% in 2020: 5 Ways To Protect Yourself

    While some crime has declined due to lockdown, the Federal Bureau of Investigations background checks for gun purchases reached a fever pitch during March to the tune of a little over 3.5 million. That number of background checks is indicative of approximately two and a half million actual gun sales. Analysts say the increase in gun sales directly corresponds with COVID-19 due to shortages of essential supplies, and a believed infringement on people’s civil liberties.

    The following five tips that help in deterring an assailant:

    1. Always Be Vigilant Of Surroundings

    A violent attack can happen anywhere at any time, day or night. Look up and scan the surroundings in no less than twenty-second intervals and walk in well-lit areas. Distractions like phones, finding keys, or listening to music through earbuds invite an attack.


    2. Don’t Look Like Prey

    Fumbling, nervousness, and looking weak makes an easy target for criminals. Also, never turn your back on a potential assailant. Have confidence and have a plan of attack when being approached by a potential assailant.


    3. Trust Instincts When Spotting Danger

    Often, people have a sixth sense when evaluating a dangerous situation. It’s when that instinct goes untrusted and unchecked that leaves a person open for an attack. Do not give a stranger the benefit of the doubt.


    4. Take A Self Defense Class

    The most significant benefit of a self-defense class is the confidence needed to fight back against an attacker. These lessons also create awareness, hone reflexes, and show a student moves to subdue the assailant.


    5. Dont Be Afraid To Scream

    Its not a shame to scream. What is the worst that can happen? People surrounding you may think its a bit odd but as least you have the comfort of knowing you’re safe.


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