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How Instagram Got To A Billion Users: In 5 Simple Steps

    Instagram has become one of the top apps on the market in the past few years. It’s efficient, appealing and a highly interactive social media platform. Let’s take a look at how the app got to a billion users in five images.

    1. October 6, 2010: Launch

    The app launched in 2010 to much success. Within a week, it already acquired 100,000 users who were pleased by how they could communicate simply through images. The app distinguished itself from the competition by focusing solely on images while other social media platforms were focused on posts. Even though there wasn’t an absurd number of users, the ratio of likes to views was very strong. It was clear that this platform had the potential to connect individuals with similar interests.


    2. April 9, 2012: Facebook buys Instagram

    Within two years after the launch, Facebook realized the potential in this app and bought it. Under this partnership, the app had much more revenue to promote itself and brand recognition from the widely respected Facebook. Users began using both platforms at once to juggle different parts of their lives. This led to a surge of people transitioning from one app to the other, and young adults in particular tried to connect with each other using these platforms. The next generation of teenagers also began to populate both servers.


    3. June 20, 2013: Videos

    In 2013, Instagram enabled users to upload videos in addition to photos. This allowed for much more creativity per profile, and users were delighted by the quality of these videos. They were also able to upload videos directly from their mobile phones as opposed to other apps that required file sharing and more. While videos sometimes lag on other platforms, this app minimized buffering while being of utmost convenience. It wasn’t a substitute for Youtube, but users enjoyed the ability to personalize and make videos their own.


    4. September 19, 2015: Ads go global

    Two years later, the app made another historic leap by advertising worldwide. This attracted users from around the world, as anybody could become an influencer by simply having good content and posting regularly. The app’s international users surged during this time, and the app remains popular in all countries to this day. The app’s stock skyrocketed as ads popped up on billboards, newspapers and magazines across the world.


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