How Much Money Does It Take To Be Rich In These 10 Countries?



High education rates as well as tax laws that garner lots of foreign investment make the average salary of this nation $72,630. A “rich” resident of the Emerald Isle would be anyone making more than $217,890 annually.


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5 thoughts on “How Much Money Does It Take To Be Rich In These 10 Countries?”

  1. Hi please invest in israel you would be surprise , we have some briliant people here , i live in rishon le zion a small city with hugh potential

  2. fortunately I would not want to live in any of these so called countries. hong kong and Singapore are not really countries. they are former british colonies. that keep out the neighboring poorer countries. . If rich is defined as having three times more than the average salary then that is a nebulous definition. To me rich means being able to buy a house with a pool for less than 100k us. dollars. and live a life not having to worry about the next payment or paycheck. to have a continuous cash flow and all expenses covered. not having to work full time and not having to commute. wear a tie. or leave the house. If you can go into a bar and get coke and a massage etc. for ten bucks that’s a plus. can do that every day. eat out every day. and own your car house etc. without having to borrow. that’s rich. having your freedom and your toys to play with and people to play with that’s rich.

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