Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: "Pointing Fingers"

Putin’s 2020 Daily Routine In 5 Images

    Both Americans and Russians are fascinated by Vladimir Putin. He’s a larger than life world figure, a leader who is also a celebrity. Despite some controversy, he is slated to win his country’s next presidential election. What does the day-to-day life of this leader of Russia look like?

    1. Breakfast

    According to a Newsweek profile Putin is a night owl. He likes to work late into the night, so he does not get up until late in the morning. He will typically eat his breakfast around noon.

    What does his breakfast consist of? Often he will eat a large omelette. Sometimes he will have a big bowl of porridge with some quail eggs on the side. In either case, his meal is accompanied with fruit juice and coffee.


    2. Cardio

    After he is finished eating, then it’s time to exercise. The leader of Russia is famous for having an excellent physique. In fact, there have been many pictures of him, bare-chested, where he is seen riding a horse or swimming in the ocean. Yet those rippling muscles do not come without effort!

    So he will have a substantial work out. He will often spend up to two hours swimming. While he swims, he also exercises his brain. During those marathon sessions, he his thinking is often more effective than when he is sitting behind his desk at the Kremlin.


    3. Russian Muscle

    After swimming, he will head to the gym to lift weights. According to Esquire , his tracksuit costs $3200! Obviously this is a man who is serious about his workouts!


    4. Kremlin Time

    Then, it is off to work. While he typically will not get into the Kremlin until early afternoon, he will be there late into the night most evenings. No matter what the hour, though, he is still dressed extremely well, always in a perfectly tailored dark suit with a coordinating elegant tie. So what does he do at his desk?

    He will first go through his briefing notes. While he doesn’t particularly like to read, being more of a man of action, he does take his job seriously and will go carefully through all the reports on both domestic and foreign matters. He will also sometimes watch clips put together by his staff of relevant Russian and international news shows.

    While advisers will sometimes bring him online videos to watch, he generally prefers old-school methods involving paper documents in red folder and old-style telephones rather than computers and cell phones.


    5. After Hours

    What does he do in his leisure time? In addition to sports like swimming, riding and playing hockey, he enjoys relaxing with his three dogs. These are Konni, a black Labrador, Yume, an Akita and Buffy, a Krakachan Dog. He has taught these dogs tricks, as visiting journalists from Japan discovered when Yume interrupted an interview. Putin gave her a treat and had her perform for them!


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