10 Countries That Don’t Want You To Visit

    Tourism can be an economic gold mine when approached properly, and most countries around the world have embraced visitors with open arms. However, there are several places across the globe who decided that they were better without the masses of newcomers: here are 10 countries that have closed their doors to Americans and many other nations around the world.

    1) Saudi Arabia

    Requires all visitors to be sponsored by a legal resident or citizen. Even if you’re sponsored properly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll then be awarded a visa as the application process is highly selective.


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  1. Add Thailand to your list.
    They love tourist revenue but discriminate against visitors.
    The police target tourists.
    Entrance fees to National Parks, zoos etc are more than doubled for visitors.
    Taxi drivers are well known for ‘ripping off’ tourists.
    And the Tourism Authority of Thailand has been selling a lie about Thailand for decades.
    Try Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam or even Myanmar instead.

      1. None of these countries is good to go. let them stay alone and never bother traveling to another man country for any reason…. One love for the rest country thats allow each other to visit. traveling is part of education and many more good experience..

          1. That’s not true, you’re probably just born at iran and left w hen you were a kid but trust me nothing good happens for tourists here specially now just come once and you’ll see

          2. From what I have read the Iranians are warm and friendly as a people and take a keen interest in america. We can’t judge them all based on a radical ten percent that chant death to America. That would be like judging democrats based on antifa.

            Of course I approve of the latter 🙂

          3. Iran is beautiful country with anciant cultural about human and people that loves together and know guest and like forigen people and growing guests, specially tourists ? them and i can’t believe some Iranian, same that friend, write wrongs about this lovely and peaceful people, Iranian is so kindness you can read about this realty from some people ?‍?‍? that had a experience about this so ancuant country with10 000 years of humanity, please don’t jugs of same, some darky minds ?? person, we are ?? Iranian and we love you come in my country be my guest and than judging us…
            Love you.
            Asad. M

          4. Saudis don’t like to welcome people in their country they kill and rape young women from Africa and their policemen are corropt.

          5. Exactly.
            I am so unhappy because Iran exists in this list.
            But I’d like to say, Iranian people will be happy to see foreign travelers from every country.
            All of us are living and moving fast at the home, called earth. ????????

          6. Maryam is true. Iranians love all people and all nations in the world. Their hospitality is really unbelievable for the tourists who visit this country. There are thousands of touristic places in Iran. Many historic sites date over 3000 years and many of them are registered (or candidate) as UNESCO world heritage. Since last year, you don’t need any VISA before traveling to Iran, since the VISA is accorded at the frontiers to all nations. Iranians love American people and they are really welcomed to visit Iran.

          7. Exactly. If you don’t believe it, Just search “travel to Iran” and read amazing stories about visitors in all around the world who have fun time in Iran. Iranian people are so friendly and kind, Especially with foreigners, and act around them respectfully.

            Unfortunately, American and European medias shows a negetive sight about Iran, Because Iran is their enemy and political things… Don’t believe these strange things tryna shows Iran scary and creepy!

            Hope you visit and enjoy!

          8. Iran is an amazing country to visit.
            I was there in April of 2017 for three weeks.
            The people are the friendliest, kindest more welcoming people I have met anywhere. I have travelled to many countries and Iran is my favourite.

          9. Hey, I traveled Iran recently in my own vehicle, great people, loved it
            (except the taxi drivers in Tehran who can be a little stressed)

          10. There country is a muslim country they still want to maintain there belive, in some aspect most esspecially religion

          11. What a shame one can rarely judge a country just from negative comments based on ignorance of the place .
            I am British and have travelled widely throughout my life I spent a year 1977 to 1978 In Iran mainly Ahwaz north of Abadan in the oil belt which was not very interesting in itself but we ventured into the mountains near Dezful -fond memories of the river through the rocks . I loved the country and its rich heritage especially places like Persepolis truly one of the most amazing historical places I have ever visited with antiquities dating back thousands of years .You should be proud of this history however it us now perceived . Shiraz was a beautiful city with amazing mosques I never got to Isfahan and Pars in the south had wonderful agriculture and friendly colourful people . Tehran was a little crazy but seemed interesting and diverse but never spent much time there.
            The potential seems amazing . There are I believe 80 million people and they need the tourists to come and open up the country to the world again .. Can you explain why we do not get enough good reports …. come on INvite us from the west…

          12. Alright nice miss Maryam since as I hear it from you since I intention to visit Iran I will come for visit

          13. This list couldn’t be more incorrect. Iran and Cuba are more welcoming than you can imagine and I am sure other countries on this list can’t be justified either. What people are led to believe through media outlets is mostly rubbish. There are good and bad elements across the world. North American folks have been kept in fear for the longest time. Fear and hate sells like hot cakes. One should always experience the world not through media but in person. Governments have their vested interest of divide and rule. Americans for the longest time have been kept in fear and hate for the rest of the world. Every country has its bad pockets, just avoid those and you will end up falling in love with the world, people and cultures.

          14. look guys
            non of the negative stuff about iran is true !
            i am iranian my self and i can assure you that every one is welcome to my country
            we love all people and dont hate any human being…
            most of bad stuff you hear about us is because of wrong politics. we are not terrorists and we don’t support them at all !
            after all we are all human and living in the same planet there is no reason to hate each other
            Iran would be happy to host any of you from what ever country you are !
            p.s we are not racist at all !!

          15. @dude… I want to clarify a very important point; when you hear “death to USA” it does not mean “death for its people, country, culture etc”, but rather it mesns “down with its goverment’s dictator attitude toward other countries”.
            If you peruse the contemporary history of some of the countries in the list, such as Iran and Cuba, you will understand their point of view.

          16. I went to Iran recently. The people are really hospitable and warm. Many places to visit. And it is also safe to travel in Iran. I’ve been traveling to 6 continents and traveling in Iran is so easy.

          17. Yes I concur with Maryam, Iran and Cuba shouldn’t be on this list nor Algeria either – I understand this is written from an American viewpoint so is different for most other people.And while for Americans you may feel there is animosity from the bureaucrats, most countries citizens are welcoming.

          18. Hi. i agree with maryam . Iran is a good and beautiful countri and it has a friendly people. iranian people loves forigner tourists and we will happy if tourists com too iran

          1. I disagree with uour assumption about Japan. Japan is a home to many US military bases and military dependents love it here. Very clean environment, very helpful and kind people. I work as a DoD civilian and been here in Japan for over 18 years and working with Japanese nationals in my unit.

          2. You misunderstood their culture. Be more open minded. Did you even try to speak their language!? Imagine how Americans treat the regular Asian tourist who can’t speak English in NY or any other place…rude and disrespectful. We Americans are the worst!

          3. The Japanese don’t appreciate rudeness, filth, poor hygiene, laziness, arrogance. Are you perceived as one of these people? The people are private, but kind and compassionate. You’ll be hard pressed to find more polite people anywhere in the world!

          4. What Japan did you visit?? Have been going there for over 30 years and it is amazing!! Hands down the safest, most polite and welcoming country in the world!!!

          5. Unusual comment about Japan??? As a frequenter of Japan, I have a very different experience.
            I have had taxi drivers fold origami (paper folding) at stop lights and give it to me as a gift when I
            exit the cab. (I have also had drivers tell me their personal worries (divorce, financial problems, etc.) because it is safer to confess to a foreigner than a local. Whenever I drop something, immediately someone retrieves it and lets me know
            I have left it behind. I have left my briefcase on the rack of a train and when the train came around
            on the circle line–it was still there. I have dropped my billfold and had it returned to me at with all money and cards intact. When something doesn’t work, a repairman is quickly there and politely makes sure all is well.
            Everyone does there bit of work and there is no one more friendly than the wealthy shop owner
            sweeping his patch of sidewalk and saying good morning. Of course, a little effort at Japanese goes a
            long way. I have not the slightest clue where you were in Japan to have this impression.

            This list is rather ridiculous–I’ve been to 77 countries and, of course, who wants to go to most of the listed countries— they are major points of violence in the world. Who cares whether they want you or not. When stablized, these countires will be begging for dollars.

          6. Certainly not our experience of Japan. Beautiful country with beautiful, friendly people. There for three weeks earlier this year. Loved every second.

          7. Can’t agree with Norma, unfriendly by citizen doesn’t mean unwelcome by government. Its a known fact if you don’t speak the countrys language, they are more likely to ignore you. Noone want to pretend to understand english. They would rather save themselves the embarrassment by being rude.

          8. Rubbish! I live here and have found nothing but warmth from the Japanese. Don’t confuse their lack of English as a cold shoulder ?

          9. I I was stationed in Japan back in the early seventies when I was in the Marine Corps at that time I was treated decent because I was representing I guess the Marine Corps the US in 2009 several of my buddies and I former Marines and Vietnam veterans that had grew up together went in the Marine Corps and served in combat and had been stationed in Japan decided to go on a vacation there and see how Japan was that now well I can tell you we were treated nothing like we were treated when we were quote-unquote representing the white man the people were rude disrespectful at times not very helpful when we would try to ask questions
            everybody would act like no English no English when you would actually have previously heard that person speaking English listen if you’re an African American and you want to travel and be treated like a king go to Tanzania East Africa I’ve been there 3 times in the last six or seven years it is amazing you must go on Safari in nigora un’goro Gora crater in Arusha . Jamaica is another place African-Americans should not go and spend their money they dislike for African-American males

          10. Excuse me ?
            Cold and unfriendley

            when i went there They were Extremely helpfull and polite

            besides there are some societal rules i looked upon and asked before i came
            So i didn’t offend anyone when i went

          11. In Japan, they are very bigoted. They will act nice to your face, but have racist feelings. Japan is a very developed country that doesn’t allow immigration.

          12. I doubt that. Allthough there may be strict policies regarding wast, exploitation and overly western behaviour. Respect and gratitude come first.

          13. Japanese may be cold people sometimes, specially towards Americans but I guess you might know why.

          14. You do know that Japanese people aren’t very social, right? They aren’t like Americans who can easily communicate with each other. They prefer to keep within their own comfort circle. This is coming from an asian myself. (Sorry for bad English)

          15. No way. I was there last year and stayed with a Japanese family. They looked after us, cooked, showed us around and bought us presents. I found it the most friendly place I’ve been. Strangers went out of their way to show us directions. Awesome place.

          16. Japan is not cold and unfriendly. We have been living here for a year and,I’ve the people. Always kind and thoughtful. Before that we came as tourists. A great place tolive

          17. Let’s go North Korea. I heard it’s a very friendly country.. Especially, government / authorities are very helpful.

          18. Ms. Keatley…Why didn’t you just stay at home and watch travel videos about Japan? People with attitude issues like you shouldn’t actually visit those places…you’re probably the worst representative for your Country there could possibly be. Your last statement is a case in point (oh, “tho” is not a word in the English language), showing that your attitude toward your host country was one of superiority. Wow, lady! How wrong could you be?? Japanese people are some of the most warm, friendly, generous and forgiving people on the planet. Granted, there can be rotten apples in every barrel, just look in YOUR mirror, but in Japan those are few because they’re winnowed out by their peers. Next time you want to open your pie-hole about a culture as ancient and respected as Japan’s…do your homework. Again, I suggest you make thorough use of the travel channel and Fodor’s travel books (he’s a dweeby snob, too) and just stay at home. I would imagine you’re one of those who refers to the United States as “America”, huh? Surprise! The America’s consist of Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and all of South America. Those of us who actually pack the backpacks and suitcases and schlep through jungles (both urban and botanical) don’t want your sort of traveler out here ruining it for the rest us with your bad manners and worse attitudes.

          19. ummm..I was in Tokyo on October 12, 2017 and I found Japanese to be extremely helpful, even going out of their way to help me when I was lost..clean, respectful, not sure where you went but my trip was quite pleasant.

          20. Japan, really? We couldn’t find a more welcoming and a most courteous place to visit. Are you sure you went there.? People went out of their way to be helpful and explain things. Would return in a hearbeat.

          21. Japan had some rude people that we came across. In disney! Since we were visitors we kept quiet and moved along. Not on our lists to visit anytime soon.

          22. We can add Pakistan in the list.The northern Pakistan is a real wonder and know to be a Switzerland of Asia. People are very simple and entertaining and tourism is cheapest in the world.

          23. Hi,
            may b I don’t agree , japnees are not cold but shy, they don’t mix with new people but when knew you they are the best

          24. If you approach anyone in any country in the world and immediately speak in your own language and they don’t understand ,it can be perceived by you as rudeness . I suggest this is how you approach foreigners normally . What a shame for you . You have missed out ……
            If you show manners use body language and smile most people will help you if they can understand you . It annoys me that a country can be judged by a few conversations . There are good and bad people everywhere . I have heard that the Japanese are very polite and respectful although I have never visited . Not sure which other countries you have visited ….I feel sorry for your narrow minded approach…

          25. I found Japan one of the best places I’ve been to Japan and my daughter spent over a year there teaching English because they can read it but cannot speak it so sometimes they may come across as a bit aloof but they are so polite and respectful and were wonderful to my daughter. Besides that the temples are amazing and serine, there are great theme parks like Disney land, the city lights, the culture. It’s got just about everything.. I guarantee you will love it if you go there

        1. Well, do something about your own education, your post sounds instable and unencumbered by any knowledge.
          Cuba is visited and liked by many European visitors. When a certain regime or administration is the reason not to go instead of meeting locals and communicate with them the US of A should be added to this list 🙂

          1. Amen. People from other countries not the US have absolutely no problem visiting Cuba and they do it regularly.

          2. word.
            As an American expat i hate visiting the USA anymore. Not good for anything except family and tax free shopping. It has become ugly, run down and populated with punk cops and criminals. Hard to know which is worse. The government employees or deadbeat criminals living on the street.

          3. Cuba is a must on the bucket list. I’m Trinidadian and I worked there for some time where I met my wife. Lots of Europeans, Canadians, Africans and the people are warm and inviting.
            It’s just a political thing with the US but visit is a must.

          4. I completely agree, I’ve visit more than 30 countries and one of the most friendly is Cuba, it is also safe. The appreciation seems to be very political oriented.

          5. This is for Americans only. Canadians visit Cuba by the thousands as they don’t create mistrusts such what the American government does…in MANY countries!!!

          6. Totally agree viktor. I thought Cuba was a good place to visit, and the only people who have problems are Americans.

          7. Cubans love tourists. Its a very vital revenue for them. The country is beautiful and super safe, people are incredibly friendly and honest. They try very hard to please the visitors everywhere. We went motorcycling to the mountains, and visited tiny, now allowed private restaurants in the villages. The food was delicious, everything is organic, and very cheap. They are very honest too, never tried to overcharge us. Its a time travel to a different realm, far cry from the stressful , busy, greedy Western civilization. Yet they hsve top noch healthcare and free university education.

          8. I agree that it’s not fair Cuba is on the list. My parents travelled all the island (not just the beach and Havana) and they were welcomed everywhere, even the smaller towns. They couldn’t go to Bahia de Cochinos and Guantanamo for obvious reasons. It was a safe environment too, they went with a big group of tourists and neither was robbed or felt threatened at all. Getting a visa was no problem at all.

        2. perhaps you might the correct, but as far as Iran is concerned, it should not be on this list, Iran is a jewel with kind people, beautiful ladies, and no crime.

          1. Are you kidding? What does it have to do with the beautiful ladies? You can’t see them under all the crap they are wearing anyway. They are a notorious terrorist supporting country. And want to kill all Americans.
            It once was when the Shah was still in power.

          2. I agree with you. Iran is a great place to visit and have wonderful people. Do not listen to media. Tv and Hollywood just lie and lie.

          3. @ Ugo indeed there are beautiful ladies in Iran but l would not think this a a wise comment …No visitor would be encoraged to go there to find love or whatever it is you propose ….Thank goodness Iranian women are both veautiful and intellegent….some bloated aging visitor looking for love is not really welcome …if you are one …go to Thailand …there are litterally thousands of girls waiting to steal your money with the promise of love …and then send you packing ….Ahhh what happened to the good old days when people traveled to see beautiful countries and observe and respect local customs ….

          4. I concur. Iran and Iranians are beautiful people. They are just unfortunately enemies of Israel, which controls US policy. Israel should definitely be on the list.

        3. Every country and its law enforcement departments have good and bad individuals.
          As far as visa application is concern ,hotel booking, invitation letter from a company or individual,proof of finance, is a basic requirement for most of the countries
          Several countries also require to furnish confirmed air tickets and health insurance( European countries specially Schengen states).
          However, scrutiny of the visa application is based on the strength of the passport and the applicant’s previous travel records also.

          1. What I have to contribute is that!Am urging the whole world to stop self racisim,be human to our own self!lets own our selves,feel like others,”NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE”,or where you came from.Remember human is “HUMAN”,aint called our self of creatures neither animals!Remember,when you turn around or look at someone.My question is “HOW DO YOU FEEL”?We can’t be DOG’S but just human and we are only 2 human existance in this world.Guess who will denied about this….?My brothers and sisters let’s feel love of one another and stop this brutal killing with harashments,it has no use.Besides,if we are not changed for our own good,never shall we thing of human right on this plannet.”GOOD TO CHANGE”!Is the slogan for Hunan.

          1. We Europeans are very happy to visit Iran,which has excellent ski resorts and fine food (and drink). The Christians and the Jews have reserved seats in the Iranian Parliament, but the locals do not like us to wear inappropriate clothing in their places of worship. This may also be true of the USA and other Jewish and Christian faith-based nations. When Saddam Hussein and his army invaded Iran, supported by the USA (Dick Cheney), the defence forces sent them packing.

        4. Iranians always welcome you, despite political hostility. Iran’s government imposed these tackles to reply Trump’s restriction law against Iranians traveling to US. By the way, we are not alone in the world.

          1. I agree that Iran is a jewel, a country with long history and culture, very warm and welcoming people. Not to mention that Iranian ladies are considered among the prettiest in the world- darker skin with green eyes.

          1. You are so right. I have had a friend in Iran with whom I corresponded often. People are quite the same in all countries but gobvernments cause most of the problems with their misguided policies and secrecy.

        5. all this matters its because of the governments of those countries and its not related to peoples,I my self as a Iranian love to everybody from all over the world travel to my country 🙂

        6. Actually Cuba is an awesome country to visa. Crime is very low and Cubans are welcoming people. And it is NOT true that Cuba does not want people to visit, it is US propaganda that SAYS that, but Cuba doesn´t care. People from all over the world flock to Cuba´s beautiful beaches every year. Everyone, apparently, except Americans who know very little about Cuba anyway.

          1. Hi we are coming tomorrow!!! Hanoi and then Ho Chi Minh city. Looking forward to seeing your amazing country. Any Suggestions???

        7. but what about the people who live in these countries. They need to support by the other countries to make their live better then before. All the humans are same and you cannot judge the people by they countries. in addition to these countries are alone by they government ,policy and other things and not by the human.

        8. Is true, they like to travel to other people country but they like to see different people in their country. We the citizens of Liberia will not allow those hateful countries citizens to travel here or build embassy here.They don’t have respect for different people.

        9. already a traveler is in my home when im writing this’as a reply,
          if you dont like to come my country its dosent mean that we are alone Dude.
          and its ok because its stay mystery,
          and if we dont have usa embassy in our country,its because we change the name that to house of spy,and we found to many reason by the people not even our goverment,

        10. Restrictions should apply to trump only. He is the problem. He only wants us citizens their cos he thinks they wont argue with him. He a dictator and racist and can rot on his own in his own country with all the red necjed brainless fools that voted for him while the rest of the world get on and embrace our wonderful world and different cultures. The mans an idiot and causing nothing but problems

        11. Let us stay alone ? :)) That’s true that our goverment are corrupted, but our people are so kind and they really like tourists. I mean IRAN. I’ve hosted too many foreigner visitors in Iran and if you could ask them you would change your mind my friend.

        12. I agree. He should stay at home. It s best and safe for him. Don’t bother to go anywhere. All are too dangerous for him to visit.

        13. I’m sure you’ve never traveled to Iran.
          Please visit Iran & Iranian people,taste our traditonal dishes,visit Shiraz,Esfahan,Kordestan,Tabriz,
          Mazandaran.read Hafez &Saadi poems.
          & visit historical buildings.
          & then give your opinion

        14. listen go to algeria and you find your misconception wrong
          all hdt rubish all you need is to book accommodation bank statement and fees

        15. yes its true that travelling is a form of education….yet I feel if someone doesn’t wash their filthy hands they shouldn’t go shaking other peoples hands that are well washed or clean especially when they want it to remain clean, this is in reference to people who exhibit vile and heinous crimes against other people in other peoples country especially the USA, most colonialist nations, terrorist etc….notwithstanding, the listed countries should be restricted from going else where since they don’t want to welcome others as stated by the golden rule of life “do unto mothers as you want to be done to”.

        16. None?!
          Iran is one of the most interesting destinations for travel! I think you should get a look at some backpacking experiences there.

      2. It’s not fair!
        I am a persian and live in Shiraz/Iran
        We always Wellcome tourist and anyone ever come here for 1st time say it is amazing.
        We always be good to tourists.
        Everywhere always has good and bad people.
        If our government is bad,but we are not bad.dont put it to all.
        Just try to visit cities like Shiraz or Yazd or Isfahan and etc.

        If you come to shiraz i strongly recommend you to visit cultural places like NASIR-AL-MOLK MOSQUE, ARG-E KARIM KHAN, HAFEZ, SAADI and other places then come here and just comment your opinion after thet!

      3. Please change the title to “10 countries the USA won’t let its citizens visit”. As it stands the headline is simply no true. I expected better.

        1. I agree. Interesting article as US requests the same proof of those who want US Visas, not to mention how badly potential tourists are treated at US embassies and the impossibility to get an answer from anything other than recorded machines…i guess we are getting what we do unto others…

          1. Well said! I applied for US visa and they refused it without giving me a reason! I just wanted to visit some beautiful places of the US without even thinking about to emigrate or stuff like this! Wish I’ll have at least one chance in my life to visit Us especially Arizona Utah and California 🙁

        2. I think you are throughly right!
          Citizens of much of these countries are not easily allowed to enter US; hence there are some problems for entering these countries for US citizens.
          For example, based on the text, Iran dies not have any embassy in US and that is a hurdle for getting visa; but it is also the case for Iranian who are in Iran and want to enter US.
          On the other hand, the title is so general! The mentioned problems usually are just for Americans.

      4. Please eliminate Iran from this list.
        IRAN is not categorized in this list. This country has a welcoming and peaceful inhabitants with the history of about 3000 years. Although there are some conflicts in political aspects, there is no war, no racism and of-course no ISIS. So, I love this country so much and I definitely and strongly propose you to travel there and visit historical and lovely cities and places such as: Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Tehran and you yourself will see how Iranian are welcoming. These days there is high propensity among international tourists to travel and visit Iran, individually or in group. If USA does not have an embassy there, it is not the desirable excuse that encourage individuals not to travel there. It is like to say that, DT is the POTUS so visitors do not have any willing to travel to US!!
        As an American citizen I sincerely advice you that eliminate Iran from this list.

        1. I completely disagree with you. a country that will not allow a Christian access to his bible or freedom of his worship can not right fit your narrative.

          1. I agree with your comment. We have too many naive people that are willing to risk their lives and challenge their country in the name of their freedom.
            They won’t listen to reason even when Innocent Americans are in prisoned there .

        2. I visited Iran in 2017. That was no problem at all. As a French national I got a visa on arrival. No need to go to a consulate. That doesn’t mean that I like the influence of Muslim clergy in that country.

      5. Update on Syria.
        If for any reason you want to go there (like taking up arms against, or joining ISIS) just go to Turkey and smuggle yourself over the border. Be sure to avoid snipers and US drones that will try stop you using lethal force. But once there there are many vacant rooms to stay in. They may not have all 4 walls or rooves, but if it’s summer you will find the breeze pleasant. Oh, and beware land mines, chemical attacks, random air strikes and do not get kidnapped as you most likely will end up on a graphic YouTube video and never be heard of again.
        Tunisia wasn’t much better when I was there either, but your odds of returning home with your head still attached are much better. Compared to the above Thailand is paradise.

      6. You see, Am Nigerian and we sure do get most of these treatments and protocols for almost all the countries except the west African countries. Americans are special that’s why you’ve got a list for just 10. However am proudly Nigerian, the world is incomplete without us

      7. Those restrictions are mostly for people with US passports. Passport holders of other countries have entry to all of these countries waaay easier.
        On most of the listed countries, I just asked and got visa on arrival at the destination airport or crossing the land border, no problems in any of those. North Korea required the same all inclusive package tour, but that is same with all passports. But again, some of countries are more difficult/impossible for US, Canada or UK passport holders, while few countries do not mostly allow US passport holders at all in practice.

      8. You also forgot Bhutan. They officially don’t want tourists because they are afraid that tourists will mess up the country. They only recently approved tourists to come on a guided tour and only a few a year. What’s different from the others on the list is that their government is not oppressive.

      9. it’s not “insightful”; it’s stupid. The Cubans are happy to have people from the US visit. It’s our own government that doesn’t want us to go.

      10. I can not agree. It is my 2nd time to Thailand. I am sitting on the beach in Phuket writing this. One of the best countries to visit in the World in my opinion. We rented a Schootet for B300 per day and took part in most of the activaties offered. Fishing is poor. I think they ate them all.

      11. I believe that the title of your article should read: “10 countries that do not wish for Americans to visit” !! most people are welcome.

    1. You are right, David. Thailand is not good place to visit if we take bad experiences in the country from all over the world into consideration. However, I have another country that should be added to the list – the Philippine. Be warned of taxi drivers, mobile prostitutes and even security guards/police officers. You foreigners could robbed easily if you take no special attention and high alert. Please also be careful about hotel staffs. Beautiful girls does not mean beautiful mind! Take my words, guys!

      1. I totally agree with you… I’ve been traveling around the world for almost 30 years and the Philippines is the worst of any worst.

        1. please my friend do not generalize the whole country in the Philippines, don’t you heard about the comment of of Joe that filipino people are very hospitable, very kind, very helpful, very most of all best in all aspects of cultural behaviour.

        2. Sorry to hear abt this but I disagree with you .you probably were at the wrong place..there are many other parts of the Philippines where you can feel like in paradise ?
          Many foreigners love to live in the Philippines.and many think that Filipinos are very friendly, hospitable and even happy people even if they are poor..
          Bad people is everywhere in all countries.even in a very peaceful and safe country, you can find bad people too.

        3. CUBA?

          How the hell is Cuba on this list!? Of course Americans make it difficult for themselves but for every other nation wanting to enter the process is easy and the country more than accommodating.

          So, to all my friends in the US, the difficulty of obtaining a visa is based on your own politics and currently due to the stupidity and blatant ignorance of your president (a fake president)

      2. Phil and Thai girls aren’t beautiful, they’re submissive and waiting for the leftover Western men that Brit/American/German women ignore cos theyre cheap af and hygiene poor

        1. Don’t generalize the Filipinos and thai girls. There are many well-off and well educated Filipino women who just chose foreign men than of their fellow citizen because of love.NOT of money..

        2. Elderly europen men rejected by ladies in Europe are highly grabbed with greed by cheap Thai young ladies dreaming European husbands

        3. I completely disagree with you my Thai wife is very beautiful and yes I could have married other American women

        4. I completely disagree with you my Thai wife is very beautiful and yes I could have married other American women it just sounds like you’re jealous of these Philippine and Thai women for being so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside

        5. so so True These old rejected white men cannot get a younger white woman in their country so they go the Poor Hungry young asian girls waiting for them to feed them and build house for them

        6. Excuse me, not all Thai women are like that. I think you met the wrong group that’s the minority. How did you end up meeting those women? Are you in the wrong group. Many countries have these women. There’s no exception.

        1. Thailand is the worst place I have ever visited. They are very rude to the tourists though their economy mostly depends on tourism. They care about the money tourists spend, but do not care about tourist comfort. They are highly selfish people. Hotels will try to trap you and even charge you falsely with theft. Be careful about these fraudsters.

        2. Nonsense. Thai military junta suppresses Thais and Thailand is noe the most dangerous place to ride/drive in the world! Plus, as I said, ‘Farang’ (foreigners) are selectively discriminated against.

        3. I agree with you Thailand rocks I’ve been here 40 times never been disappointed and yes I’ve been to Europe and other parts of Asia Mexico and Canada Thailand is the best

        4. I fully agree with you. Thailand tour for me was really excellent. I didn’t notice any partiality among tourist and locals. Entrance fees and all are fixed same and posted there.

          1. Wrong!
            Entrance fees for tourists are at least double than for locals and the authorities try to conceal that information by writing the prices in ancient Thai script so that their discrimination is not obvious. I know, I live there. I could post photos of many entrance fee signs at Zoos, National Parks, waterfalls even menus. Oh, and we foreigners are officially referred to as ‘aliens’. But when people think they are in ‘paradise’ they don’t notice, or don’t want to notice, the negatives.

        1. Sam, you do better to stay at home. Even better close to Mum and Dad. Guess you stick out like a sore thumb when travelling, attracting any villain within miles. I travelled 2months through Thailand and another 2 months through the Philippines (on a rented motorbike), I am 77 years old today, 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds but have never been threatened, attacked, conned or taken for a ride by police, crooks, prostitutes etc. so I can only assume that you need some education before venturing out into the world.
          I will not comment in several of the other negative comment listed below as I find them too pathetic to deserve my time. However I would like to suggest to anyone visiting these countries to read about them, prepare themselves thoroughly before you go and they will enjoy their trip, contrary to those squealing visitors listed above and below – including the guy who is trying to make us believe that he has been travelling for 30 years.????

      3. Booby Green Maybe you’re a kind an arrogant person visiting countries like Thailand or Philippines showing off kind of a dollar man and expecting that you can do whatever you want because the value of your money. Yes, Bbe attentive when you’re traveling. Bad combination to brought with you is your “manuvaise attitude.”

        1. Ben, please don’t pick offence. By sharing experiences with other, may help us alot. At least I have to avoid Phillipine and Thailand as no go countries for now.

      4. Yes Bobby Green. You are absolutely correct about Phillippines in the Manila and Quezon area. Never trust a beautiful woman. They need money to feed their offspring, as most have children out of wedlock. For taxi, use only Uber or Grab apps. Trust worthy. Never ask Hotel to book cab for you as they start with minimum of 1500 Pesos.

      5. Oh, sorry for your bad experience in our country, i wont deny it, but it doesn’t crossed your mind that every country have bad and good people? Don’t ya?? Go back to PHIL again, and go south, look for me and i will show you…maybe it would change your perspective towards our country! ? and next time, go on a vacation to relax, not to go after with girls do dirty things…? you know before hand those girls do it because of money, so dont expect anything nice… As you speak, CHEAP, cheap are no good quality..think about it…

      6. Bobby green. Please read and well informed before you visit Philippines. Next time don’t stay in Manila area. Outside and provinces where you can see the beauty and true culture of my country.

      7. When I was in Manila a policeman asked me for money outside a discotheque in remedios..claiming that he protected me from danger.policemen in uniform in Thailand ripped me off when they asked me to do the currency exchange with them.Both incidents spoiled my travel enjoyment.

      8. Yes indeed. People need to know that phils is full of hookers & cash IS king in phils. You`re ok as long as you got some $$ to spend, if not they totally ignore you since filipinos are damn greedy *sses. Anyway that country & culture has never interested me since it`s poor & has nothing to offer. But chat with a filipino & he thinks he comes from the world most awesome country! That`s BS. Those people are clannish & discriminating. No need to go there & deal with them. & Thais are also discriminating against foreigners. One can`t win against Thais there even if 1 is right. They also pull cheap tricks to fool people. I would not trust those cheap hookers.

      9. Bobby Green probably you went to Philippines looking for special treatment and you were very very disappointed because it didn’t happen. I’m sure you are not stupid enough to be robbed by most of the people you mentioned. You can be robbed anywhere you go. Is there anywhere else in the world that you ever went or that was the first time you ever left your place because if you are a traveler you know what I’m talking about. If you think Philippines is the place not to be, why did you go there in the first place? Don’t you ever read about the place before you go? About the hotel there’s lots and lots of hotel that I’m sure you are very very safe because they are run by international chains hotel like Conrad, Sofitel etc and the list is endless. I’m sorry about your bad experience but people like you are not welcome to Philippines.

    2. David, you’re out to lunch on Thailand, many countries rightly charge tourists extra for entrance to National parks museums etc, you only get ripped off by taxi drivers if you’re naive and don’t ask around for the best price.
      Sharris, you’re 100% correct the US should be at the top of the list with Canada not far behind, especially for visitors from Latin America.
      The Cuba info is complete BS as they welcome tourists. It’s the US that doesn’t want its citizens to visit Cuba!

      1. Thank you for correcting the bullshit about Cuba not wanting visitors. Those nations requiring tours are not saying they don’t want you either. This article needs a follow up: 10 nations the US does not want you to visit. And ask the Mexicans, Venezeuelans, Syrians, etc. which country doesn’t want them.

        My travel fantasy is to visit all countries demonized by the US, from Venezuela to North Korea. The way to get to Cuba is to fly to Cancun and then hop over. They love American tourists! Iranians love Am3rican people (not the government). Most demonized nations have the wisdom to distinguish American tourists from the government, which does not legitimately represent them.

        Trump says American tourists to Cuba hurt the Cuban people. Total bullshit!

        1. Hi Dale, I’m a Canadian born Venezuelan. Venezuela was, until late 90s the most open, stable, and democratic country in South America. The influence of people from US, due to our O&G industry was huge. Not on vain our national sport is Baseball instead soccer. I grew up with US neighbors and the country was, by a long long time the best ally and friend of the US in the region. We didn’t need visa to go to the US and we were often welcomed to your country as we were highly trained professionals and great tourists. We used to attract immigrants (the competition was with Canada on this regard), and never were illegal immigrants anywhere.

          It’s necessary to clarify that we, Venezuelans don’t hate USA. We never did nor do. That’s bullshit. Problem is that a Cuban-Comunist dictatorship took the power: Hugo Chavez. 3 years after that, he was forced to quit. And he did under the popular pressure, but the Cuban regime infiltrated the country and made the dictator return and become “permanent”. Then he died and Maduro stole elections. So from fraud to fraud, the destructive communist and “anti-us” regime remains in power. Supporters of the regime has always been a tiny minory. The fact is that Venezuelans (90%) are victims of the regime and hates it. Venezuelans DO NOT hate the US. On the contrary! We had a long term friendship. So much so that, 80 to 90% of the oil used by the US in WWII was provided by Venezuela.

          Today, Venezuela is a very dangerous place to visit because of the criminal and pro-terrorist regime that supports itself on illegal drug trafficking, international terrorism and irrespecting Venezuelan human rights. Yes, they chase, torture, jail, or kill detractors.

          Do not believe “official truths”. Venezuelans used to be happy people and extremely welcoming to tourists to enjoy our natural marvels. Not in vain George Bush (Sr.) had a property in our Amazonia as several other US presidents!

          My advice is: do not visit Venezuela while their criminal regime is on power. Same as Cuba! Visiting Cuba is a crime against poor Cubans because tourism support the oppressive regime of Raúl Castro!!!! Problem are the regimes, not the people!!!

          1. O boy! You think say if i go to US a go go back to my country? A dey craze? Everything is good in America. I t is the best place in the world! They tolerate everybody, irrespective of ethnic, political and religious diversity. Please God help me visit US in my life time!

        2. Dale, as Venezuelan Citizen, I don’t advise you to Visit Venezuela. I go there every year just because I have to. That country got the highest inflation rate of the world rigth now and people is crazy for US Dollars. Cuba is probably OK and Iran as well. Thailand is a beautiful place if you know where to go and have Thai friends, if you go alone and don’t speak Thai, you will be Rip-off.

        3. You are right!

          the government always make trouble between people,

          like here they said Syria don’t want visitors what??

          the reason is war not we don’t accept people,

        4. If you make it into and out of Venezuela alive as an American/Canadian/Anzak/EU passport holder other than Spaniards, I will be surprised. I have family and friends that have frequented Venezuela in the past and under the leadership of Maduro I can assure you that entry into and the exiting safely is no easy feat. You also have to worry about one of the highest criminal murder rates in the World. I have to confess, that, whenever I hear or read the boastful and more than often moronic words like these….I realise that the person(s) saying these things is either clueless, naive, or just plain stupid. In either case if you’re a person of conviction and followup on your words, well you will more than likely be meeting your maker in the not so distant future. Good luck young sod!

          1. I was stopped at the Caracas airport on my way out for no reason except I have a US passport. They held me in a room for interrogation but let me go at the last minute to make my flight. It was intimidation at its worst. That was several years ago, today I would probably be in jail. I will never go back.

        5. this is so true. i will call all this bs write up as “American Chauvinism” they forms opinion about others and try to make it stick. im just wondering how liberal the US visa policy is. sending travel warnings on countries with less crime rate than the US, changing the marks on the thermometer to make the fever look normal. the view expressed here is basically American view not a global view.

          1. Samuel, please don’t change the title. It is just true that some countries are bad. One of these Asian countries eat blacks. Or have you not heard of this?

        6. Excellent! Tourists dealing with people and culture not politics and be government.
          This article is based on unrealistic ideas.
          You could consider countries which severely handpicked people which apply for visa and refuse them for nonsense reasons.

      2. I agree. I live in Beijing and there are a variety of tourist scams including renegade taxis who prey on naive tourists. I’ve been to Thailand 5 times and will go a 6th during Chinese Spring Festival. I never take taxis. I walk, take Sky Train, or a tuk tuk..

        1. Mark, I agree you. I am an American living in Thailand for 2 and a half years. I love it here. Just like in the states, you pay out of state fees for National Park. Most Thais are honest people. They don’t get paid much. If you can afford to travel, you can afford a few dollars more. Some of them works all day for 300 baht. That’s less than 10 dollars per day.

      3. Thailand is the most tourist friendly

        Bitching about meter taxis in the age of Uber and Grab. If you’re an idiot expect to feel ripped off anywhere.

        Only thing they could improve is not allowing Trash Aussies entry without Visas.

        1. Well said. Aussies, means White Australians. Real Australians are indigenous Black Aboriginal people. Australian are also multicultural and they are not thrash luke many White Aussie. Australia is a Black mans country.

      4. Not correct to say that Thailand charges tourists more as it charges white skinned people more whether they are tourists or not.

      5. Cuba is a beautiful country to visit and its people are amazing. I drove around Cuba and never had anyone interfering with us. They are very friendly and i saw so many tourists from different countries including the US. (The language they spoke -English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. g