The 10 Best Countries to Start A New Business

    Starting a company in itself is no easy task. That being said, opportunities exist everywhere. Depending on the goals of your company, its target audience, taxation laws, and other important factors, launching in various areas across the globe may offer significant advantages. Let’s look at the ten best countries for initiating your endeavor.


    1. United States

    With a diverse and skilled workforce along with a wide array of investment firms, banks, and investors for funding, the United States can be a dream for individuals looking to start a company. At the center of the action is New York, followed by other up and coming cities such as Miami, Minneapolis, and Seattle. There are 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. based on statistical reports.


    2. Singapore

    When looking at start-ups from an international standpoint, Singapore ranks as one of the top places in the world. Being one of the wealthiest nations according to Fortune and imposing no capital gains taxes, this country might be one of your best options. Additionally, Singapore has political stability that other parts of the globe may lack.


    3. New Zealand

    From a timeline perspective, New Zealand ranks high in its ability to incorporate businesses in as little as a day. According to the 2016 World Bank survey posted by the New Zealand Immigration, it is the easiest country in the world to do business in. Labor costs are significantly cheaper and there are no payroll, social security, or capital gains taxes. While it may be a small country, researching market information can help determine whether your niche is suitable.


    4. Norway

    Boasting with a highly skilled labor force, especially in technology, finance, and design, Norway is a great option for those interested in economic stability and well-developed government communication. Although you can quickly register for properties and tax laws are straight-forward, labor regulations are rigid. The Statistics Portal reports that the population will increase by an additional 300,000 people come 2020.


13 thoughts on “The 10 Best Countries to Start A New Business”

  1. No Russia among those 10? Open markets, low taxes, educated and skilled labor force, European quality for Asian prices – what can be better for new business?

    1. Aha…and govermental raider robberies, wronful and unconventional checkups, and inability to use international investments 😉 thanks, no

      1. I live in Russia,and it is the last country you may think starting up any business. The corruption in our country is on the top of constitution . It is better to live in jungle than in Russia. ( sorry for bad english)

  2. I advise each one of you to freeze any business investment in any of the countries.
    Only invest on gold !!!!

    Mark my word. The gold price will raise aggressively in the upcoming months!!!!

    Good luck

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