The Bottom 10 Countries With The Worst Education System

    Receiving an education can provide the foundation for people to have a productive life. However, the education system is very unequal when it is compared on an international level. In many parts of the World, children are unable to receive a great learning experience due to a number of factors, such as war and poverty. Using an international point of view, here is a look at the leading countries who have poor educational systems.  Starting with the list of countries with the lowest standards of education below.


    Burkina Faso

    The United Nations notes that many children only stay in school until the 6th or 7th grade. Burkina Faso has a high teacher to student ratio, and less than 50% of adults are literate. Thanks to the support of the government, Burkina Faso has started to address some of these issues.


    Central African Republic

    The government has not committed a lot of resources to the educational system, which has lead to schools being closed, students lacking their basic materials such as books, and teachers not receiving their wages. Attendance rates are very low.


    Sierra Leone

    While every child starts off in school, more than half of them eventually drop out before long. The average child in Sierra Leone spends just 3 years in school. Due to the high number of dropouts, Sierra Leone has a high illiteracy rate.



    The conflict in Burma has resulted in an efficient system. The high poverty rate has made it difficult for children to even enroll in school. The budget cuts administered by the government have caused the enrollment costs that parents pay to rise substantially. Burma has restricted access to schooling to many ethnic minority groups in the country. Many children drop out before reaching the 5th grade.



    There is a high probability that a student in school is being trained by a teacher who isn’t even certified. Mali has taken steps in recent years to address its high student to teacher ratio. Primary school enrollment continues to rise as well.


16 thoughts on “The Bottom 10 Countries With The Worst Education System”

  1. What is Australia’s and Britain’s position on the scale of rankings and how or who decides the placings?

  2. All the 10 poor education countries about 8 it french speaking countries. Have u ask yourself why ??? France is the person behind it,

  3. Our leaders in Africa are selfish people they only care for they and their families. We’re pleased begging them to pay attention to education because education is the key to success. May God Almighty touches the heart of our leaders in Africa Amen.

  4. Kinda makes you wonder about the quality of the education received by the author. Myanmar is the name of the country you’re looking at – not Burma. It’s right next door to what used to be Siam – now Thailand.

    1. It may very well be a political decision. I know, always have known, that Burma is now called Myanmar, but never call it like that.
      It is like the Formosa/Taiwan situation, to name just one.

  5. Can’t imagine how worst are their children life. I’m Vietnamese and we always say that Vietnam Education is worst, but now I see I’m better than a lots people on this world.

  6. This has nothing to do with money. Early Years Education should start ate 3-4 years old with informal teaching supported by parents. All children should learn English. Informal schooling can run effectively on zero cash budgets or by using low cost resources, such as game play, nursery rhymes and song. I design Early Years English programs for Chinese ESL students that are effective when used by bilingual teachers and parents.

  7. It is very obvious that all the listed countries have a common problem,,,,,, poverty. they are poor. The solution rightly start from poverty intervention. programs to help the livelihoods of parents to communities and to the countries. Politics, Governance and religion hasn’t helped either

  8. the leaders of those countries should arise and look up not looking down. if not poverty will exist in the life of the citizens in the future. because the don’t learn the principles of economic.

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