The Top 10 Best Countries To Invest In Real Estate & Buy A House

    If you’ve decided to invest in overseas real estate and buying a house, you may be wondering which countries are best, which countries will give you the biggest returns, or which countries have the easiest process to get approved for a mortgage or real estate loan. In some locations investing and getting a mortgage is easier than others. Here are the top 10 best countries to invest in real estate, starting with Belize:


    1. Belize

    Belize, specifically Ambergris Caye, is an affordable location. You can easily purchase a beachfront property for less than $300,000. Since this area of Belize is relatively quiet, it’s ripe for a boom.


17 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best Countries To Invest In Real Estate & Buy A House”

  1. Aside from the fact that Argentina is probably a good country to invest in, the description was entirely incorrect or non-sensical.

  2. There are very few countries that I would want to live, I’ve lived in Australia for years, a brilliant country, particularly for
    The young.
    A few years ago we moved to Madeira Island Portugal, I did a lot of research, and found that it really is the safest place to live in Europe. For single travellers it’s ideal, but I would advise staying within Funchal, to ensure you have a greater choice of Hotels and entertainment, in fact night or day you can walk safely anywhere.
    If you want to live here, Take a look at my Villa for sale on Rightmove, with “Silver Estates” in Funchal.
    Whichever choice, you will love it. The New year fireworks display Is The best in the world.

  3. Belize on the main land is a better choice. I bought a lot in corozal town for 10.000 us dollar and built a 2 bedroom for 50.000 dollar. 15 minutes from Mexican northern border great town. Been here 10 years now. Did I mention am retired.

    1. Hello Mr. Gufftof stein
      Please I would love to get more ideas about buying a land in Belize . I am really Interested and was searching for guidelines. Please email me jhollandbrain @ further explanations. Thanks you

  4. Nicaragua is a great place to live and a bargain. Strong rule of law, low crime, very low violent crime and people are friendly. Government is very open and friendly to foreigners from any country.

  5. Living in Thailand is great, but as a US citizen I cannot own land. I can lease land to build a house on but cannot own it. A business has a little leeway, but an individual cannot. You can own a condo, but no one owns the land a condo sits on but the developer. You may think it’s yours but nay not so.

  6. Yes, the Thailand-US Amity Treaty allows U.S. citizens special privileges, but owning land is not one of them. The same property ownership rules apply to US citizens and companies as applies to all other foreign cirizens and companies.

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