The Top 12 Highest Educated Countries In The World

    Every year, the World Economic Forum issues its Global Competitiveness Report to provide a well-researched set of rankings of all of the countries of the world. The annual international study provides holistic scores for each nation based on a host of factors related to education. These include, among others, educational attainment among the population, availability and access to schools, quality of schools, costs, and diversity.

    There are four thematic dimensions by which each nation is ranked.

    • Capacity measures to what extent a nation’s overall population has received varying levels of educational experiences.
    • Deployment calculates the degree to which skills are accumulated and applied among the population.
    • Development reports how much the education of a country’s population adapts and improves as the economy evolves.
    • Know-how measures how wide and deep a nation’s overall set of skills is.

    The holistic scores calculated based on these thematic dimensions provides a good way to generate overall rankings.

    Here Are The Top 12 Most Educated Countries, Starting with #1 Below:



    While not ranking first overall in any of the major thematic dimensions, this Scandinavian country is well balanced in many ways and has a booming economy.


21 thoughts on “The Top 12 Highest Educated Countries In The World”

  1. Unbelievably uneducated country and citizens , mean US !! Its all over the world now! We see , so called , elites , but its in reality just marginals !!

  2. Where is lebanon in the middle east , with more than half of population are refugees and still most of oldest universities in warld are there.give the eduction to all??!

  3. Japan? China? The most advanced technologies are ruined by average illiterated people??
    I will create my own ranking lol

  4. What about Italy; UK, France, Netherland, Canada and the southern America (Argentina)…. wow…..unbelievable.

  5. Russia has an alphabetization rate of 100%. Over 50% of the adult population received a higher education diploma. How can it not be in your list?…

  6. What about Africa? There’s no African country! Where does Africa rank in the world’s rankings? This gives some credence to why “non-people-of-color deem themselves as “supreme” over the other countries/races. If your reporting is true, then “non-people-of-color” is supreme. I am black, by the way!

  7. There should be no argument on the result, in as much no one complained on the index of the measurement.

  8. 6 of the top ten universities, and half of its population doesn’t believe in evolution, and couldn’t place Europe on a world map… This top 12 is flawed just for that enormous …

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