Top 10 Safest Countries For Tourists And Travel

    When deciding where to travel abroad, personal safety and security is a major concern. Here are the top ten of the safest countries to consider before departing on your next international trip.

    1. Finland

    Not only is it an excellent choice to visit due to its breathtaking landscapes, the occurrence of violent crime in the country is practically non-existent. A few other ideal reasons to visit Finland include:

    • The ethereal beauty of The Northern Lights.
    • Helsinki and Russian cathedrals.
    • Visit Santa throughout the year at his home office in Rovaniemi.


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      1. Sorry I spent about hours being grilled by a PlA officer for nothing. I would rather go to Taiwan. Also, why isn’t Taiwan, Japan or Singapore on this list?

    1. Off course it is. These guys have biased views. Ask the people in all those so called safest countries. Do you feel safe to go out at night for a walk or jog? You will hear various reasons of not doing that but definitely they will not mention safety issues. China is one of the safest place in the globe and it’s extremely stafavorable place to travel. Language might be an issue but that is the adventure. Cannot understand how Netherlands, HongKong is on the list??

      1. Yes, agreed. China is one of the safest places to visit. Throughout my years of travel to various parts of China i have never encounter a single incident where i feel my life at risk

      2. China is a must, safe, very safe. Friendly people and so interesting. Just been to Beijing and will return to see Shah Airways for sure.

      3. You can not understand of how Hong Kong is on the list??… It sounds like that U have never been there, let alone – out of your backyard. Do U know where Hong Kong is??… Thought so. So think before YOU type something down to say.

      4. Very constructive comment “Conscience”.

        Suprised that from the mediteranean only Portugal made it on the list !

        Although it does have a disclaimer at the end…

        “… Many of these articles are opinion based articles and should be taken as such…Please do your research before accepting any information as fact.”

      1. I’m there now and I never felt safer in all of my life! In any countrie!
        A retired Chicago Police Officer

    2. Sorry too much pollution. The above are only safe European countries. Both Japan and Singapore are very safe as is New Zealand. I do not hear much about crime in Taiwan or S. Korea either. Canada isalso very safe.

      1. New Zealand is not a safe country if you want to drive. It has one of the worst records for drunk driving in the western world, death rates increasing annually. Drunk driving is much a risk sport, like bungee jumping, white water rafting, or top rugby union/league.

    3. And where is beautiful, exotic, and enchanting Cameroon on this damn list for goodness sake? Do you know Cameroon is fondly referred to as Africa in miniature? Pay a visit to amazing Cameroon and you would have visited all of Africa in one trip!

  1. I’m not sure about the Netherlands. In 2011, my daughter made a stop in Amsterdam on her way to Atlanta, USA. Her bag was stolen, with all her documents, money, credit cards, etc. She was lost and the police there were not helpful at all. It should not be on this list.

    1. Really? Was she hurt///violently hurt?….. Ohhhh! she wasn’t keeping an eye on her possessions…
      Tell your daughter to wake up.

      1. This is unfair comments that the daughter should wake up her belongings were stolen in that country period there’s no amount of excuses, explanations, or defence will erase those happenings in each and every airport on this universe, thanks.

    2. So just because you had a bad experience it should not be on the list? A bit dumb don’t you think? Typically Americans, go and fix your country please!!

      Greetings from a very happy(and safe) guy from Holland!

    3. I am from the Netherlands and I think we should not be on that list too. Although it is a very safe country compared to all other countries in the world it is over regulated and many places I wouldn’t visit alone and I have been many places. The police is useless, instead of fighting real crime they give you a ticket when you are 3 km/h over the speed limit and if you go to report a burglary they say they don’t have time for that or if they catch the guy he is back on the street the same day.
      Just like in every other country you need to keep you valuables close especially visiting touristic places. Nothing new.

      1. Dear Robert, Every country has its good and bad and certainly bad pockets. Don’t trust media reports. They are just serving their respective government’s vested interests. Countries like Morocco, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Nepal, Canada, Poland, Spain, Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil etc. are some of the wonderful places on our planet. Sure, some of these countries have their problems but they are not monsters as they are painted. As a book is not judged by its cover, similarly, different cultures and countries are not as bad as they are said to be. For example, there are no go areas in New York city, that doesn’t mean entire NYC is dangerous. If you are not racist, you will be pleasantly surprised what the world has to offer. By the way Hong Kong is part of China.

  2. Hong Kong is not a country. You should revise the title to Top 10 Safest Countries and Regions For Tourists And Travel. HK is an SAR of PR China

    1. Although officially part of China, has it only little to do with mainland China. Border with the People’s Republic, own money, own anthem, own flag, own traffic rules, own police and government …. its still more British. DAVID FROM HONG KONG

      1. correction Mr. Gerlach. Hong Kong is just a city of China. The flag is just like a state flag just like the flags of Ontario is different from Canada and it does not meant that Ontario does not belong to Canada. The lingua franca in Hong Kong is the Cantonese dialect and is not a separate language. About 7 million in Hong Kong uses it but it originated in Guangdong province where more than 30 million speaks it. Its status is just like any dialects such as Sichuan, Hunan dialect etc. Its “Anthem” is just a provincial anthem. There are 22 provinces in China, each has its own provincial “anthem”. It is a situation no different from USA where all the states has individual state flags and songs. Culturally and genetically more than 90% of its original inhabitants belong to the Han race. Subsequent racially composition changes is due to the British attempts to create another Gibralta by subtly trying to change the composition to its advantage by mass non Han immigration in case they were successful to impose a referendum for independence. A trick they did successfully to annex Gibralta from Spain. As for its money it and right handed driven cars, it was just a British colonial baggage. It will come to pass in another 30 years when it is fully integrated back to its motherland.

      2. Unfortunately, you are wrong. It is increasingly falling under the heel of the Mainland as more and more of its freedoms are gone, the umbrella movement is dead, book store owners “disappear” often for months. Elections are held where the candidates are pre-chosen by the CPC. They are an SAR in nme only.

      3. Not sure the last time you were in Hong Kong, but it is rabidly becoming just another Chines state full of main land Chinese people changing it so they feel better and at home again, even though they went to Hong Kong hoping for a better life. I have never understood this.

    2. yeah it’s just very extremely officially, but many of people just consider it as a country, even hongkong people too. Hong kong has its own local government and their sport teams participate in international matches or major competition under the name of HongKong, not China. It’s very independently separated from China and hongkong people also wants it. HongKong or Macau is almost a country that run their region with no or least influence/authority of China central government.

    1. Japan is revealed. It is not another country. Japan is another world. Who once visited Japan, definitely wants to return there. I already have 6 times. There are a lot of fantastic places in the world, but Japan has a special position. Whoever does not believe it, let them run there. He will have an experience he will not forget to die.

  3. Where’s Japan? 🙂 Would be the safest of them all in my opinion.
    You can leave your camera on a bench there and go to the bathroom and rest assured it will be sitting idly right where you put it. In restaurants they are too polite to accept tips. If you leave 1 yen coin in a grocery store, the shop assistant will chase you 2 blocks one the street to politely handing it to you, apologizing to you, as if they caused you to forget it there..

    1. Japan is very safe but the people are not so friendly – or maybe they are too reserved .
      But well worth a visit – only I’d recommend you learn some Japanese before you go.

      1. >but the people are not so friendly

        On behalf of all Japanese I’ll apologize for such a case.
        We Japanese are too shy to communicate with foreigners especially with westeners
        due to our poor English skill.
        That’s why we Japanese look not so friendly.

        So your recommendation is nice to learn some elementary Japanese words
        such as Arigato, Ohayo-gozaimasu(Good morning), Kon-niti-wa(Hello), when foreigners
        visit Japan.

        One more useful Japanese sentence, I’ll leave.
        It’s translated in English as follow,
        Could you please teach me, how do you say ( ) in Japanese?

    2. Japan is not safe as North Korea is really close and very unpredictable. There is also a high risk of big earthquakes at all times.

  4. SWEDEN? SAFE? & “relatively low crime” compared to the United States?!! In the first place, how can you compare 2 countries of SO DIFFERENT SIZE with eachother?! How many “NO-GO-ZONES” does Sweden have now–do you even KNOW / CARE? I have lived right next door to Sweden (in Norway) for over 50 years now, so I KNOW how dangerous Sweden has become!! TAKE IT OFF YOUR LIST!

      1. I lived in America for 21 years, I wouldn’t recommend it to Black people, the Police are highly likely to kill you. Being white may help, but don’t count on it, they arrest, convict and execute you even just because they can!!!

    1. I live in one of those so-called no-go zones. Quite safe, only sometimes bored immigrant youth set a few cars on fire. Besides, tourists would have little reason to go there, so it does not affect their safety one bit.

      The Netherlands are probably more dangerous, as pickpockets target tourists in Amsterdam.

      Where are Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore?

    2. Sweden is not that dangerous at all! I live in Gothenburg at the west Coast and I can go anywhere I like when I like without anything bad happening! As in all big cities there are places which you should avoid after dark. Please do not spread info that it is so unsafe! Compared Sweden is a safe place to visit – as Norway! 🙂

    1. True ..murders do happen here but its not random killings like some countries.most r reprisals or scamming related ; the ppl r very warm n

    2. If you are from the LGBT COMMUNITY you should avoid Jamaica like the plague. They are homophobes and make no effort to hide it. Oddly foreign affairs for our country has a travel advisory out that if you are going to the North shore around Montiego Bay for all travellers to be extremely cautious if you leave your resort, and are advising you not to…

  5. You are so wrong. The Western European countries with today migration issues are not safe anymore.
    I felt much safer in Slovakia, Czech republic, or Hungary.

  6. Do you really think Sweden is – after the wave of incoming middle class from the Middle East – still safer than, say, Poland, Hungary, Czechia or Slovakia? Sounds like a bit of very old information, sorry.

      1. Unfortunately, with pocket theft, it is quite real, but we still invite all tourists, with open hearts, to offer them our hospitality and welcome them. They offered them knowledge of something they would not see elsewhere. We are not a big country, but we have the bigger invitation for you. We are waiting for you in Bratislava, the High Tatras, but also Košice or other smaller towns where history is waiting for you. Be welcome to us.

      2. The Czech Republic, Hungary and almost all the Balkans have problems with Romani kids. They will bother the hell out of you and steal everything you have.

      1. I lived in Oman for several years and never met an unpleasant person. The Omanis must be some of the finest and most honourable people in the world. I hope ignorant tourists don’t corrupt such an earthly paradise.

  7. Coming from the netherlands, I can safely say most people do not come here for the rijksmuseum or the eurogarden.
    They either come for the red-light district or for the legal cannabis.
    Also, if you don’t speak dutch, be careful not be ripped off when buying food/cannabis, people here love taking advantage of tourists/foreigners.

    1. Unfortunately I think you are right, which is too bad because the museum, canals etc and the country side are really worth seeing.
      Although I have never bought cannabis , I wouldn’t be surprised that there is a different price for locals..
      Probably revenge for having sold Manhatten to the British for part of present day Suriname. Intersesting place but I think the Dutch got the short end of that deal. In any case, the Native American who sold Manhatten to the British didn’t really own it,

  8. Holland!? You must be joking. Amsterdam is not safe lots of robberies.

    As for Sweden and Norway – a few years ago both incredibly safe places, but due to disasteroys immigration policies – rape capitals of Europe.

  9. Having Austria and the Netherlands on this list is misleading. Both Vienna and Amsterdam have a serious and well-known pickpocketing problem, particularly on public transport.

    1. Huh Never had a problem in Austria but next door in the Czech Republic you bet from the Romani kids. The same in Hungary.

    2. I love in Austria and never experienced a pick pocket. If you walk about with bulging pockets or bags which are not zipped up you ask for trouble in any city.

  10. I agree totally.
    Plus if your disclaimer states you’re not an expert-duh-don’t publish statements to mislead people.
    PSA-crime in every country in the world.
    USA Soilder

  11. I don’t agree at all like whaaaat. In Seden sexual abbuse is at one of the highest level in Europe. Please, countries such as Latvia, Poland, Hunagaria are safer

    1. HK is a SPR and belong to China mainland , maybe here also should add some more places like SiChuan , Jiuzhaigou , like Tibet , like Taishan , welcome to China for travelling !!

    2. Singapore, yes, Malaysia…. not so much, we have seen many many cases of pretty bad crimes in Malaysia, I can’t really judge because I’ve only been there once but I guess just depends on which area. I guess another thing is the language barrier (for M’sia) , no matter how you can’t understand our Singlish it’s still English ?

    1. Fiji?? Remember what they did to the people there of Indian origin. I’m sure hostility for them runs deep among the “original” indigenous people. Only when this hatred of others among them goes can we consider Fiji to be safe. Being nice to Europeans (read ‘White’) only people does not count.

      1. Absolute, utter nonsense. That statistic is completely skewed because Swedens laws are now so strict, merely looking at a woman the wrong way might get you charged with rape.

  12. Thailand ?? GOOD and HONEST police…no RIP OFF…..CLEAN….HONEST pepole….GOOD traffic (save)?? as ewrything else in Thailand. and REMEMBER THAI`s don`t lie to you….

    1. Hell, I love a sense of humour! Only a Brit or Aussie farang like me residing in Thailand would come up with that comment. Brilliant!

  13. You forgot Greece of course! Nice article 🙁 Usually the citizens of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland & Netherlands spend their summers in our country because it’s not safe? What is the threat in my country? we are 10mil citizens and we have 30mil tourists. they do not know? What kind of statistics is that…

    1. And constant flock of illegal immigrants of which some are terrorists, i dont mean to say its bad in greece but Europe overall isnt safe right now apart from the visegard group and some of other european countries but Greece aint one of them thanks to meekel. And i love Greece awsome country but i wouldnt call it safe anymore.

    2. I agree with you Savas.It is a great article with very beautiful countries in the chart but the truth is northern countries spend their holidays in Greece,Italy,Cyprus etc.
      So what about southern Europe??
      Have a great evening everyone.

    3. Greece is a jewel, a big absence from you list. Very surprised you include top crime countries as safest! Where is Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Malta
      etc ??

  14. Botswana, Southern Africa, with the most diverse wildlife and largest concentration of African Elephant, inlet delta, cheetah etc… Friendliest, safest country to visit….

    1. Like hell any country in africa is safe, when my friend was in southern africa a guy tried to buy her literally. He talked te her fiance and told him that she would be a great sell because of blonde hair and blue eyes and if she wasnt his he would have kidnapped her. So yeah safe as fuck.

    2. I would agree, but for all the electrified fencing around houses since the nineties disqualifies it. It was a paradise once, but not any more. I was the victim of a home invasion, a smashed window, and attempted break-in there in the mid 90’s. I never experienced this in any of the other countries I had lived in prior to or since. So sad, because the Botswana people are among the best I have ever known.

    1. Nothing boring about Norway. I live in Puerto Rico and went in December. Christmas Markets, Viking Museum, super easy & efficient transportation and gorgeous views. Something very different!

    1. I agree. Japan has the lowest homicide rate of any country. No pickpockets. Every country in Europe has problems with pickpockets and so does the U.S.

    1. Sadly very true. I think Switzerland, especially out of the cities, can still be considered safe. If anything bad happens it is much more likely to be a foreigner or tourist than a Swiss person

  15. China is missing in the list. One of the safest place on earth. This is the country I am living in right now. Women can go out anytime at night, even alone without any risks of getting attacked.

    1. Oh yeah! If you go to Chinese resorts, the price of commodities at least doubled or even higher than outside, and be careful of counterfeits, I bought fake mineral waters several times. Rubbish everywhere, spit everywhere, carvings and posters everywhere, very noisy. If your wallet or cellphone are missing ,it’s highly likely you will never get them back. Although rape and robbery are not frequent, but they still happen, especially after the midnight, you’d better go home before 12am.

  16. I live in.iran in middle East. and i think its a safe country for travellers in my city tabriz sometimes i see European tourists

  17. I recommend Algeria beautiful country with traditional dishes and amazing nature that gather sea , mountains and beautiful desert.

  18. now that the british have left Kenya, closed their dozens of concentration camps, stopped murdering the local population (in order to make room for white english “settlers”) and burning their villages this country should be fairly safe. Most of the savages have returned to england. I would put it on the list as safe except for the english.

    1. Namibia very save as an African
      Tourist zone but be vigilant at all times all areas not the same there are unexpected culprits in every Country. We talk about the everage. Countries globally immegrated by unknown crooks lets be honest.

  19. Sweden save for travel ? Whoever wrote this text have no idea of the situation of those countries and all been done only to make people watch stupid ad with food.

  20. Are you fk kiddong me apart Switzland and Finland there is no safe place in europe apart from the eastern part, and i bet they didnt add Poland because its a fk leftie who wrote this article and loves political correctnes shit because right now the visegard group would be the safest way to travel in Europe. There are fk no go zones in pretty much every single country in Europe to the west of Poland if you consider that safe then you are clearly sick in the head. I dont know how the situation looks in iceland so no comment on that one. All the safety reports on Europe are bullshit, unlike Netherlands, Poland dont need a fk squadron of armed police to keep citizens safe while christmas shoping so how the fuck its safe there because i dont get it.

  21. A top 10 safest places to visit that does not include Japan and 9 of them in Europe!!?? And one of them a country where prostitution and marijuana are legal!! Yeah right!!!

  22. China is a communist country…don’t forget that. No freedoms for the common man.

    This information must have been taken 30 years ago. The Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) are the safest countries in the world as a whole. Yes, of course any capitol city of any country will have more pickpockets, petty crime because there are different races mixing and foreign embassies of different countries.
    Most of the EU countries know that the Visegrad countries are the safest. That is why the bosses in Brussels are upset because France has lost their nation, England will be next to lose their nation. Even now UK police are not allowed to handle Muslim cases…..because they are not Muslim. The Visegrad countries lost their sovereignty during communist times…..they want to keep their freedoms.

  23. Everybody must take care of himself . i think if you have a little brain , read a little info before you travel , could help any one traveling . respect the country your are visiting , dont underestimate the locals . dont show money and dont make public sex , because you have sick fantasies . Remember , nobody will be your bodyguard because you are tourist.

  24. Hhhahahaha no way Jose, Europe is not safe at all. Maybe Island. Safest Japan, New Zealand and any other country side area away from Europe and war countries.

    1. Iran is really fantastic. In spite of the economical and some political problems everybody is warm and kind. All the people are so kind to foreigners and the level of hospitality would amaze you.

  25. I love my place called Phú Quốc island Vietnam. Sure is safe, pretty, fresh food and clean sea. Call fb Timothy Pham, i’ll sever you when you travel here .

  26. Guys, no matter where you go in the world there is good and bad.
    One of the ‘good feeling’ safer places is Cyprus. Closely followed by Scotland.
    Yes all countries have their individual problems but as long as your vigilant, sensible and do not make yourself a target both these countries will leave a lasting impression for their outstanding natural beauty and genuine hospitality.

  27. you should visit Iran , there is no concern about terrorism and attack – the people are very kind and warm and help a lot to the tourist

  28. Qatar is the safest country one can visit with a blind eye. Crime rate is ZERO, CORRUPTIN ZERO.. decent and dignified nation…. come and see the mixture between authentic cultural aspects and modernaization.

  29. Iran should come into account since it’s the most historical and beautiful place with hospitable people in the world but it is missed in list.

  30. Wagner was German.
    Amsterdam, Sweden…haha.
    V4 (Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia) are the last safe countries in Europe.

  31. Eastern Europe is safe only because all their criminals are in richer EU countries picking pockets and begging. And those east Europeans are very racist and believe this Trump made up nonsense about Muslim takeovers. Avoid eastern Europe, full of nazis and bad thieves who’re not good enough to go to western EU.

    1. Paul! Even Western Europe is not a paradise on earth. Fighting landscapes where you’ve never been, is the culmination of arrogance! We know all tourists who want to know our naturel and see something else that is not. We love people with good hearts and friends who come to us with good intentions.

  32. How about putting Easter Island at the top of your list? Total paradise!

    Remove all European countries. In ten years, Europe will be taken over by Islam. ISRAEL is much safer. At least the government there cares about protecting its citizens against terrorism.

    1. I agree with you about Israel. It is a beautiful very green country. My late husband, may he RIP, was a German I am German-Scottish and during visits to Israel never met nothing but friendliness and kindness. We spoke Yiddish while there.


    1. Zhenya. Moscow, yes, Well, in Petrohrad, I stole 800 euros. In Moscow, there were police at each corner, none in Petrohrad. However, despite this experience, we will definitely return to Russia. Outside of this incident, we were excited.

  33. That’s right! Japan is so far the safest and the best country in the world,very modern,beautiful.
    Besides the Japanese people are Very friendly

    1. Japan? Safe? Ha! Even the most low in crime country still has potential criminals. Some people in Japan rape, murder and grope, so we’ve got to be careful and secure, no matter WHERE we are!

  34. Sweden is full of immigrant rapists & thats not being racist or biased its a fact which all european governments hide from us because immigration is out of control. Its like putting lions in stables with horses, it will never be peaceful

    1. The Muslims that have been coming in in the past 4 years, are not IMMIGRANTS………..they are refugees and asylum seekers, we took in 29032 in 2016, and over 40000 left the same year………..and only 46%of the refugees are muslims, the rest are christians

  35. Iran is the safest country in the middle east countries with rich old history and diverse climate. Just travel once and believe the beauty of God

  36. Rwanda is the Best among all the stated countries/states.Volcanic gorrillas,Security and safety,Volcanoes,beautiful hills,welcoming people and friendly………,name them the list is endless.

  37. My wife left her purse in a Mosque we were visiting in Skopje, FYROM Macedonia. We were outside when a muslim came out and gave us back the bag. Hard to believe, but everyone we met there was friendly and kind. Whatever the name, it should be included in the list.

  38. Bhutan the land of happiness in Asia will be the best country to visit inbounded by gross National Happiness and you will explore the unique culture and traditions in the world and I would say it’s the unique kingdom in the world

  39. I worked in Switzerland for four months. I also went out a lot and traveld around the country on weekends. It is very safe. However, I did not see a single person carrying a gun, nor did I hear anybody mention anything about guns.

  40. This is the kind of article designed for the United States audience. Since the USA is so great – even blessed by God , it is only a reflex to understand – as so many Americans (sorry Canadians) – that the rest of the world is a horrible, primitive place, and out of tough (with God). Only America is great! Right – ha ha! Frankly, practically every place is safer than most of the USA. It is a shame that only the places that are super safe with smart gun control and good health care are on this list. I have lived in Albania, the Dominican Republic, and now Thailand, and I have always felt safer than I did after growing up in Cleveland Ohio. A shockingly small number of Americans ever get a passport. And a large number only move around on tourists busses watching out the window at places like Germany like people who ride through a nature preserve on a bus looking at the animals. Sad.

  41. For me, Botswana, Seychelles, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Maldives, Micronesia, Fiji, Paupau New Guinea, Ethiopia, and Singapore are the top 10 safest countries in the world.

  42. Japan as well as Brunei, Malaysia, Samoa, China and Indonesia are definitely
    much safer than the Netherlands, where you easily can get robbed in the airport ( even at the security check points) and many spots in the capital.

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